Everyone is gripped with that just one thing which we fondly call cricket fever. World Cup 2019 is going on and we have all the legit reasons to go cuckoo bananas about it. Cashing on the same, ZEE5’s latest show Comedy Shots talk at lengths about Gully Cricket and the summers of the 90s. The best part is, Aadar Malik gave a musical twist to the Gully Cricket raps involving that one pesky guy in every gang who threatens to take his bat back home. The audience relished the rap while getting nostalgic about their gully cricket scenes. Undoubtedly, Comedy Shots is one way to reminisce your childhood. The show also talked about global warming while dropping satirical jokes about it. All in all, Comedy Shots is one of the must-watch shows on ZEE5 right now if you’re a die-hard lover of stand up comedy.

Comedy Shots Aadar Malik

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On June 28, the seventh episode of Comedy Shots titled Gully Cricket with Aadar Malik streamed on ZEE5 and here are our takeaways from the rib-tickling episode.

Aadar Malik grabbed the right chord of our heart when he started rapping about gully cricket scenes. Talking about the bizarre game rules, he said cracked jokes on how the sixes were often counted as OUT since the ball used to go out of the building.

“50 maar ke karna tha mere ko zor se shout,
But only fours are allowed, six building ke bahar hai OUT”

We all had that younger sibling whom we were forced to let us play with us, because ‘mummy’. Aadar Malik started his rap talking about his pesky brother who was the 12th player in their team of 4.

“Ball tera, bat mera,
Peeche aaya chota bhai mera,
Arey who ghar pe baith ke rota
Uska saath me nahi laata.”

Maintaining the suspense quotient about his mystery best friend, Aadar Malik dedicated a sad song to him. Moving forward in the song, we realised that his BFF is no one else but MANGOES! We can’t even blame him for this, can we? DON”T GO, MANGO. The song really tugged at our heartstrings. *Sobs in secret*.

Aadar Malik

Piquing the audience interest with world’s biggest addiction PUBG, Aadar Malik talked about children’s addiction to online gaming. With the pinch of music and his impeccable guitar skills, he narrated the story of a child whose life has been ruined by PUBG but he’s still happy. It’s a tribute to every engineering student who doesn’t mind even a backlog or so when it comes to PUBG. The sentiment is best described in this line – “Life ek Boot Camp ka map hai, aur headshot se marna hai!”

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The best part of this episode of Comedy Shots is the new concept of musical comedy which is rarely seen nowadays. Aadar Malik utilised his musical skills which he inherited from his music director uncle Anu Malik, to add oomph to his performance. The audience enjoyed it to bits and their faces were tell-tale signs of it. So, go ahead and catch the stand-up comedy web series Comedy Shots on ZEE5. You have enough reasons to check it out now!