Looking back into the school days where we brought the favorite food items and eagerly waited for lunch break are surely missed now, isn’t it? On those days we had innumerable options to choose from and almost all of them went straight into our list of favorites.
Just thinking about a packet of ‘Bytes’ or a box of ‘Diptrix’ brings back the nostalgic feeling in our hearts. Nothing would make the 90s kid happier than bringing back these forever gone snacks .

So, here are some of the snacks and chocolates that are worth mentioning and no matter how many fancier products are launched in the market cannot replace the taste of those.

1. Chocki

This is my personal favorite. These chocolates defined love and I still remember having one of these every other day.

cadbury Chocki

2. Perk

Well I know that they are easily available now but the chocolate ones just got replaced with the glucose ones and trust me the former is way tastier.

cadbury perk
Dhaka Flowers

3. Icy Pepsi Sticks

Coming back from school with a mouthful of this, was the memory every kid cherished.

Icy Pepsi Sticks
Saffron Trail

4. Chocos

Again different from the one available these days. Those used to be much more chocolate-y and hence much more yummy.

Kellogg's Chocos

5. Rola Cola

It tasted quite similar to Coca Cola, later Parle discontinued this product.

Rola Cola parle

6. Big Babol

Well, we all have to admit that we all were attracted to this chewing gum by those catchy commercials and there was at least one of these always present in our school bags.

Big Babol
Amazon UK

7. Butterfinger BB’s

They were launched by Nestle and was popular in the mid 90s. These crunchy peanut butter balls were a delicious treat for us.

Butterfinger BB’s- food

8. Pepsi Blue

Yeah they are available now also but the 90s kid know very well which one I m talking out. Obviously the blue ones!

Pepsi Blue

9. Wowie

Oh the perfect chocolate for a kid and anyone who loves Goofy, Mickey and the entire Disney gang. This product was launched by Cadbury but slowly disappeared. It was a great hit though.

cadbury wowie

10. Bytes

How can anyone forget this? Small pieces of joy it seemed like… This was also a product of Cadbury and I still remember having these after the 90s.

Cadbury Bytes

11. Pan Pasand candies

Not one of my favorites but a huge crowd from the 90s seems to miss the taste of these pan flavored candies.

Pan Pasand candies
The Times of India

12. Polo

I remember eating one of these was so much fun. The mint came in a lot of flavors as far as I can remember and the funniest part was drinking a glass of water to feel the chill in our throat.

Polo mint holes flavours

13. Gingerbread Sandwich

Again a personal favorite of mine. I still wonder why did they discontinue it, it was like the best ice-cream I had when I was kid.

Gingerbread Sandwich
Foodstuff Finds

14. Phantom Sweet Cigarettes

They surely looked as something which we should avoid as kids, but they were sweet little candies which made us look cool.

Phantom Sweet Cigarettes

15. Milo

Kids aren’t a great fan of health drinks but it came with a variety of goodies. Now that hurts, isn’t it?

Kiis 101.1

16. Bistix

The name of the product was Greedy Bistix. They were nothing but biscuit sticks with fruity dip and quite tasty!

Kissan Greedy Bistix
Maia’s Fun Zone

17. Cheetos Whoosh

I am pretty sure kids were more crazy about collecting those tazos rather than eating it.

Cheetos Whoosh

18. Whistle Pops

A delightful candy that looked even more colorful. Now who won’t love that as a kid?

Whistle Pops
Blair Candy

19. Altoids sour

Candies mostly came in mango flavor but wasn’t that popular. Still I find one of these in the local trains but that’s very rare.

Altoids sour

20. Wonder Ball

Nestle never stopped amazing us with their products but I don’t understand why did they discontinue it for the second time in 2007(not very sure about the year). This either came with a sticker or toy inside. Kids of these days have Kinder Joy.

Wonder Ball

21. Diptrix

Again this will go into the list of my personal favorite. Those yummy biscuits dipped in frosting were completely delicious. I bet I had it every evening and moreover there website was so interesting you could have actually spend hours playing the games. They gave goodies too!


Well, I am sure there’s more that can go on the list. So, anyone who thinks I just skipped their favorite one write below in the comments section and also share your memories.

P.S – I still managed to have Chocki even now!!!