Apart from its unique treatment and well-defined characters, Kota Factory stands out for one more reason; the entire show is shot in black and white. When you start watching Kota Factory, it makes you wonder if something’s wrong with your display. Only after few minutes into the show, you will realise that the series is shot in black and white instead.

After the humongous success of Kota Factory, fans were curious to know what was the idea behind keeping the entire web series in black and white. Questions started doing rounds on the internet, prompting makers to take on the social media and clear our doubts.

What is Kota Factory all about?

For the uninitiated, Kota Factory is a heart touching and realistic depiction of lives of IIT aspirants living in Kota, The IIT Coaching Hub of India. The story revolves around Vaibhav, Meena, Uday, Shivangi, Vartika and Meenal, hailing from different cities and background and arriving in Kota to realise their IIT dream.

Kota Factory 2

Why is Kota Factory Black and White?

According to a piece of information on IMDb, Kota Factory was initially shot in colour but was converted to black and white during its post-production stage. The show was turned Black & White to depict the colourless, disconnected and depressing lives of students in Kota.

If you noticed, the opening scene of Kota Factory when Vaibhav accompanied by his father goes to Maheshwari Classes for enrolment. The colours vanish away when he was refused admission into the institute.

Kota Factory Is Shot In Black & White
Kota Factory/Netflix

Also, the colour return for a tiny segment of the show when Vaibhav finally adjusts into his new surrounding and his mother calls him to which he doesn’t answer. When his mother finally says to herself, ‘ab mann lag gaya’, the colour returns.

The idea was inspired by another series Schindler’s List, which was based on the lives of Jews living under the threat of Nazis.

During one of the BTS videos, the creator Saurabh Khanna mentioned that it took him lot of time and hard work to convince the team to agree to his point of view. They wanted to keep Kota Factory as original as possible to take the viewers close to the roots of Kota.

It has been observed that people tend to focus on a subject more when it is black and white than in colour. We believe this is one aspect that worked in the favour of Kota Factory.

Why Kota Factory Is Shot In Black & White
Kota Factory/Netflix

Will Kota Factory season 3 will be in colour?

FYI, Kota Factory is India’s first black and white web series. Now we wonder if the season 3 will see some colours or will follow the same path of BnW.

Kota Factory will definitely return with its Season 3, continuing the journey of Jeetu Bhaiya as a mentor and Vaibhav, Meena, and party as aspirants.

Kota Factory Jeetu Bhaiya

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