Land-based and online casinos have staple games. For decades, the most played among novices and experienced players are slot machines, poker, blackjack, baccarat and other of their popular variants. While these classics are guaranteed to last for years to come, trying out the uncommon games from varying regions and specific software providers also offer exciting and rewarding experiences.

To players who want to do more than hitting 21, creating the best hand, or landing jackpot combinations, this page is perfect to spice up your casino gaming experience. Below are the five uncommon yet worthwhile casino games to try. Some were developed regionally, while others were uniquely created by some of the industry’s leading software providers.

1. Blind man’s bluff poker

With a long history and tradition, poker is a timeless and timely casino table game available everywhere in the world. It has inspired various software providers and regions to create their own poker variants, and on top of our list is the thrilling blind man’s bluff. Before you head over to the best online casino, here is how it works.

While blind man’s bluff once became part of the globally renowned poker tournament World Series Poker (WSOP), it is best played with your closest friends and family members. The gameplay requires all players to hold one of their face-up cards on their forehead. So, everyone could see their cards except their own, and the objective is to guess whether or not they have the highest card based on the series of betting rounds and bluffing strategies.

Blind man's bluff poker

2. Big wheel or big six money wheel

Also known as the Wheel of Fortune, it is an unequal game of chance that uses a large vertical wheel. It is more commonly played in English-speaking countries, such as the U.K, the U.S, Australia, and New Zealand.

Big wheel or big six money wheel

3. Tic-Tac-Toe poker

Tic-tac-toe poker is an Omaha hold ‘em variant that is quite more commonly played online than the blind man’s bluff. This time, as the name suggests, players deal with four face-down (hole) cards apiece and additional nine community face-down cards arranged in a 3×3 grid, thus the name.

The gameplay of tic-tac-toe poker is for players to form the best five-card hand using two of their hole cards and three cards from the grid (one from each row). However, since the community cards are facing down, three random cards can only be turned up in each betting round.

Tic-Tac-Toe poker

4. Casino War

Inspired by the well-known card game War, Casino War is a proprietary casino table game by Scientific Games’ Shuffle Master. With its very simple mechanics and low house edge, it has easily and quickly become a favourite among novices.

Casino War is commonly played with six standard 52 card decks. Similar to poker hand rankings — where aces are the highest valued ones — the goal is for players to make a bet and win by having a higher ranking card than the dealer. When a tie occurs, however, players have the option to either surrender but lose half of the bet or go to war by doubling the stake.

Casino War

5. Dreidel

Are you excited to try these games at the best online casino? Let’s end this article with the famous Jewish game called Dreidel. It doesn’t have dice or cards, as the goal is to only use a four-sided spinning top. Each of its sides is marked with a Hebrew letter and a meaning. It determines players’ chances of winning the betting pot, which is as seen below:

● Nun: nothing
● Hei: half of the pot
● Gimel: all of the pot
● Shin: add another bet into the pot