The place where we live tells a lot about us, our personality and our living habits. We tend to keep ourselves clean and healthy but keeping our home tidy and well organized is one of the most important things to do which some people seem to ignore, considering their daily hectic lives. But, decorating our homes is as easy as keeping a cup of coffee on your table. Flowers are fascinated by people and also emit vibrant fragrances. Keeping flowers does the work, but let us keep them organized in vases, which add their own element of beauty and freshness in our homes.

Here we have a list of 5 beautiful vases you can keep at your place to make your home even more lovely and cozy. It would instantly catch the eye of the visitors and make your home look and smell amazing. You can also view more vases online.

1. Lucky Penny Vase

It is one of the easiest vases to make. All you have to do is get a vase. We all have some pennies in our pockets. Stick these coins into the vase by using superglue and it does the job perfectly. It looks royal, beautiful and yes, extravagant. Adding flowers into it would just make it look so pretty.

Lucky Penny Vase

2. Glittery Pink Vase

All you need to do is to take a plastic cylindrical container, and paint it up with glitter in gradient with glue and there it is. The magical shine seemingly coming out from every part of the vase would just get the attention of the visitor instantly and make your place look all magical.


3. Paint Decorated Flower Vase

Having some redundant paint at our place is not a new thing. There is some with all of us and here we make use of it to make something quite beautiful. Taking a glass flask and pouring the paint onto it and then tilting the glass flask in angles for the paint to spread out in some directions non-uniformly. And there it is a beautiful paint decorated vase that would look just as good as an antique vase.

Paint Decorated Flower Vase
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4. Flower Vase Made With Plastic Spoons

Did you just throw a party and have a lot of plastic spoons left at your place? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what to do with them without wasting any money to create your elegant DIY vase. Just take the main part of the spoon and cut it. Start sticking them around so that they start looking like a beautiful flower, something like a lotus or lily. Trust us, this looks so elegant.

Flower Vase Made With Plastic Spoons

5. Jute Wrapped Bottle Vase

This one is just the simplest. Taking a glass bottle and then start rolling a jute rope over it turn by turn and then there it is. A standard, vintage and a very classy, appealing and attractive flower vase. Keeping roses in it would create a perfect match for how the maroon roses would compliment the sanguine colour of the vase. This would catch everyone’s attention and the fragrance of roses is just so pleasant.

Jute Wrapped Bottle Vase

We hope these tips and tricks help you decorate your home with wonderful vases and flowers in them. Make heads turn with these amazing DIY vases and let us know which one is your favourite.