Shah Rukh Khan Witty Reply

Shah Rukh Khan is not only known for his extraordinary acting skills but also his fine sense of humour. Very often his razor-sharp sense of humour leaves everyone in awe of his comebacks. Things like this get more entertaining when he replies wittily to hilarious questions on #AskSRK.

His comebacks send people into a laughing fit. Besides being a hardworking polite person, he is the most intelligent gentleman in the industry. The fans are celebrating the release of Pathaan all around the world like it is the biggest festival ever.


As his ex-employee described Shah Rukh Khan in an amusing manner on Quora once,

“Like Chandler but with oodles of charm. I remember thinking he could have been a crazy successful stand-up comedian if he wasn’t an actor.”

Prior to the release of the most awaited movie, Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan did the #AskSRK thing on Twitter once again to interact with his fans. His wittiest replies didn’t fail to prove that he is not only the King of Bollywood but also the King of words.

Best of #AskSRK that you shouldn’t miss out on

Shah Rukh’s long hair in Pathaan has been turning heads no doubt so when one of his fans asked him for tips for such long hair here is what he replied with,


shah rukh khan pathaan asksrk

Another one asked SRK whether he should go on a honeymoon with his partner or go watch his movie, here’s what the superstar said,

When one of his fans posted a huge poster of SRK and asked if he would watch Pathaan with him here’s what crossed Shah Rukh’s mind,

Another one asked SRK if he can do romance while watching his movie in the theatre, the King of Romance replied,

The fans have been losing it over SRK’s dashboard abs ever since the trailer was released, so one of the fans couldn’t hold back from asking how many abs were shown,


asksrk before pathaan release pathaan

Someone also suggested a crazy movie plot to SRK,

Shah Rukh admitted that he looks good in all avatars,

This fan asked SRK for his advice since he booked the midnight show for Pathaan but he is afraid that his father won’t let him in the house after that,


SRK finds maths boring,

Shah Rukh also admitted that he misses Banaras ka Paan,

SRK ended the #AskSRK session with the following tweet,


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