Spot Real and Fake Levis jeans

The oldest brand of jeans, Levi Strauss & Co., which was patented in 1873 is by far the most popular name in the world of clothing. And in today’s world of money making and competition, bringing out cheaper versions of the expensive branded items is inevitable

Many manufacturers sell Levis-looking jeans at much lower price, thereby, making a good margin of profit. And the buyer feels cheated when s/he realises the same, not to mention the embarrassment one would face when being pointed at by others.



Hence, as a customer one would want to be aware of the things that are to be kept in mind while buying a brand new pair of Levis jeans. We bring to you such important points which will ascertain whether the jeans you wish to spend your money on are original or fake. And yes, you can thank us later!

1. Style number

Real Levis jeans would have the style number of the jeans mentioned behind the button. Such detailing remains exclusive to the original brand is mainly omitted while imitating. Therefore, a fake pair of jeans would not have any details of this sort.

2. Style markings

A pair of original Levis jeans would have its style markings on three different places i.e. on the price tag, the label tag situated above the right back pocket and another tag attached on the inside of the jeans around the waist. However, a fake pair of jeans would only have the style marking on one of the mentioned places.


3. Rivets

The rivets situated inside the jeans would have LS&CO-SF mentioned on them. It stands for Levi’s Strauss and Co. San Francisco. However, this kind of detailing is again omitted in a fake pair. Moreover, it is this authenticity that differentiates an original pair of Levis jeans from a fake one.

4. Label on the back

A very soft leather material is found on the back label of an original Levis jeans which also feels slightly worn out. However, imitation jeans would have a hard textured leather with mostly horses coloured in a shade darker than the original ones.

5. Text alignment and color

Text on an authentic Levis jeans would be perfectly aligned and black in colour. However, text on the label of a fake pair of Levis jeans would be slightly misaligned and/or in a shade different than black.


6. The Red tab

One of the most prominent part of a Levis jeans is its Red tab. It gives that pair a certificate of authenticity! And if not authentic, then it can get easily spotted by others who are aware of this feature. The red tab on a real Levis jeans would be perfectly cut and stitched onto the pocket of the jeans. However, a red tab on a fake pair of Levis jeans would be a bit messed up, oddly cut, misaligned or not neatly stitched on to the pocket.

7. Name tag on the Red tab

“LEVI’S’ perfectly printed on the red tab along with an “R” (Registered symbol) signifies authenticity. However, a fake pair of jeans would have some sort of irregularity or discrepancy in the writing such as the letters being misaligned or “R” being missing or with simply no name. Although, it has to be kept in mind that many original Levis jeans have only an “R” mentioned on the red tab which is very rare yet can be considered authentic. This happens in one out of a hundred pairs of Levis jeans manufactured and they have to change the ribbon on the machine and they run through a label without putting the Levis stitching on the tab.


So there! Recognition made very easy for you. Keeping in mind these seven points you can easily differentiate between an original and a fake pair of Levis Jeans. Whether you are buying a pair or received it as gift or merely wish to analyse what other people are wearing, these were your clues. So, happy wearing!


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