We believe that marriages are made in heaven. However, things have changed on the grounds. With the increasing cases of domestic abuse and women standing up for themselves, divorces are common these days. In fact, in one of the surveys in Europe, people have started to marry 2 times less and get divorced 2.5 times more within 50 years.

According to a bunch of research here are nine unexpected signs that prove marriage won’t last long:

1. The number of smiles on childhood photos

Psychologists did a test to see if they can predict divorce looking at the pictures from school and college of the person. They looked at the intensity of smiles and then gave a rating within 1-10.

Nobody rated 10 was divorced and every fourth person got divorced among the frowners. The results show that people who look gloomy in photos get divorced five times more than those who smile.

Reason for divorce

2. The emotional tone of voice

A computer algorithm can give 79 per cent accurate result by just analyzing the tone of voices when spouses talk to each other. Scientists have researched on the same and found that it can have a huge impact. What you say is not the only thing that matters, how you say it is also very important.

Reasons for divorce

3. Opposite sex colleagues

As per a report by Danish researchers, people who are surrounded by colleagues of the opposite sex are likely to get divorced 15% more often.

Opposite sex colleagues

4. Mother’s upbringing

It is observed that women file for divorce more often. There could be many reasons behind it, one of them being couples do what they have seen their parents doing. It has been studied that if mother hops relationship that children are likely to do the same.

Mother upbringing her child

5. Ignoring conflicts

This can actually lead to the end of a marriage. Debating on something that is bothering you is a way of communicating, ignoring it will just make the relationship between two people bitter.

Ignoring conflicts in marriage

6. A husband’s negative attitude toward his wife’s friends

It is very important to understand that marriage is a part of life just like friends are. According to study the husband’s criticism for wife’s friends in the initial years of marriage leads to problems in marital life.

Marriage end reasons

7. Newlyweds’ excessive affection toward each other

Psychologist Ted Huston did a study on 168 couples within 13 years of their marriages. The result said,

“When being newlyweds, the couples who got divorced 7 or more years afterward, demonstrated almost 1/3 more affection toward each other than spouses in more successful marriages.”

It becomes difficult for people to maintain the same intensity of love. Thus, people with less filmy romance are likely to have a successful marriage.

Intimate Couples

8. Poverty and unemployment

It is definitely not easy to maintain relationships in difficult situations. The co-author of a study about financial outcomes for parents after separation, Bob Birrell said,

“People think the system acts in a draconian way to take money out of the pockets of men. The reality is that most separated and divorced guys are on such low incomes, they pay very little toward the well-being of the mother and their children.”

Poverty and unemployment

9. Narrow bed

It is actually funny but scientist feel that lack of good quality sleep can lead to divorce. Researchers say that spouses should sleep separately to get good sleep for the healthy environment of the family.

reasons that end marriage