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What is microcement?

Microcement is high strength cement combined with polymers, additives, color pigments, and ultrafine aggregates. Having compatibility with various surfaces, this type of cement is designed to be highly practical and versatile.

As a great continuous coating, microcement requires no substrate preparation, so it can be applied over most existing hard floors. It’s also non-slip, easy to maintain, and can receive a matt; textured; or polished finishing touch.


With color pigments added to the mix, it’s possible to create a range of effects including metallic, uniform, mottled, and Venetian stucco. For more details, below are the benefits of using microcement at your home.


1. Lots of color choices

One of the key advantages of using microcement is the availability of a wide variety of colors. This allows combinations for every project regardless of its type. You can create microcement stairs, a polished concrete coffee table, or a stunning house wall with your desired color. With microcement, customizing your exterior and interior can be easier than ever.


2. Totally seamless

Microcement is an ideal choice for those who want to have a fully seamless floor finish that is in tune with modern design. For this reason, many businesses, homeowners and interior designers choose microcement over other materials to build an industrial style interior.

3. A polished concrete alternative

Compared to polished concrete, microcement is more versatile and offers more finishes, thus making it suitable for all projects. You can choose your favorite shades to take your home’s look and feel to the next level. The most popular options are grey shades which are good for floors, walls, or microcement stairs.

microcement bathroom

4. Fully controllable finish

With microcement, you can craft various decorative effects according to your design taste. The available design choices are pretty much limitless. Microcement enables different ways to control the finish, color and ornamental characteristics of your floor.

5. Luxurious feel

If you want to personalize your interior, then microcement is what you’re looking for. This coating material can be used to customize all kinds of floors or walls with luxury touches.


It provides a unique, continuous surface with a trendy style to enhance any living space. More than giving your home a luxurious feel, microcement also makes your interior or exterior more durable thanks to its abrasion and high temperature resistance.

6. No ugly grout

Among the things that make microcement a perfect choice is its grout-free characteristic. When it comes to this, microcement is unparalleled. It allows homeowners to achieve a seamless finish without unattractive grout.


microcement bathroom colours

7. Waterproof

Microcement is also 100% waterproof, providing excellent strength and qualities. It comes with a high-level of wear resistance that allows it to last for dozens of years with proper application and protection. By using this material, you can keep your wall or microcement stairs free from water penetration so that they remain good condition.


Microcement is a brilliant option for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. It allows you to create a clean and aesthetic surface easily. On top of that, the material is mould free and anti-slip, thus making it a great choice for any floor surface.


There are many shops that sell microcement. They offer different variations and prices. You can buy one product from those sellers that suits your budget and needs.