Fragrance Terms

While going for collections, buying fragrances can be quite difficult for many people. Due to the reason, that majority of fragrances arise from European countries, their language and types turn out to be an issue for people in our part of the world. You can only purchase good fragrances if you know the right terms and types present out there.

We have common thinking that fragrance terms such as EDT/EDP/Cologne can be used interchangeably and we don’t actually understand the tern. A fragrance is made up of mainly three ingredients namely fragrance oils, alcohol and water.


Commonly, the higher the fragrance oil, stronger is the fragrance. The percentage of fragrance oil does not completely imply whether a fragrance will last long or how strong it is. Many factors like how your wear your fragrance along with the quality of fragrance oils and notes used are taken into consideration to term a fragrance potent.

To be sure of what you are purchasing, it is important to know what you are buying, here we have collected all the possible terms you will come across while fragrance shopping.

1. Eau De Toilette – Made up of 4-10% Fragrance Oils

Comparatively reduced fragrance for known reasons that it contains 4-10% oils in it, Eau De Toilette is your day to day scent for cosy weather. They are less strong, these are perfect for people who love either breezy or lighter fragrance notes.

Difference Between A Perfume, A Cologne And A Deodorant

2. Parfum – Made up of 15-25% Fragrance Oils

Do not bemuse this with the term ‘Perfume’ which there are high chances you will but these are utmost concentrated fragrances due to 15-25% oils it contains. Parfums no doubt last the longest but do not contain a powerful scent trail that more dilute Eau De Parfums have.


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3. Eau De Parfum/ Parfum De Toilette – Made up of 8-15% Fragrance Oils

You can in all ways connect it to the term ‘Perfume’ you have been purchasing for the longest time due to the standard oil percentage which comes in perfumes today. The easily noticeable and apparent among all others, Eau De Parfums are worn by the majority of people. These smell perfect on special occasions but avoid them when you go out in the grave heat.

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4. Antiperspirants Sprays/Roll-Ons – Enables to control and reduce sweat through its aluminium chloride ingredients

Antiperspirant deodorants contain aluminium chloride salts that mix with sweat, creating a gel that forms a mask on the sweat gland that enables to control and reduce sweat.

Difference Between Perfume And Deodorant

5. Eau De Cologne/ Cologne – Made Of 2-5% Fragrance Oils

The lowest concentrated, Eau De Cologne is commonly linked with men because of their light citric fragrance notes. But this does not imply that EDCs are not available for women, they do in a lot of discrete scents.

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6. Pour Homme/ Pour Femme – Homme is available for men and Femme is for women

This is extensively known to a lot of people but not all. Pour Homme and Femme are nothing but male and female in French. Now, if you come across these expressions, you know which one to go for.

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7. Deodorants – Enables us to contain body odour

Do not mix the term deodorants with antiperspirants because act as the replacement for perfumes and just give out a fragrance that enables to prevent body odour.

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