Kurta Pajama For A Groom
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When it comes to weddings, the groom’s look should be as stunning and eye-catching as the bride’s. And no matter how much you want to stand out for your special day, nothing beats a classic Kurta Pajama. The perfect outfit for grooms that will make them look stylish and elegant, the Kurta Pajama is an elegant fit that is versatile and classy and will make all eyes turn toward you. So let us take a closer look at this traditional outfit and what it offers!

Men today are conscious and knowledgeable about the newest fashions in men’s clothing. Men also like that and would love to obtain their perfect look for their special day, much like we’ve seen brides who prefer to experiment and choose something different.


While we understand you are enthusiastic about being a groom, here are some things to consider before shopping for your trendy Kurta Pajamas.

Wear a Designer Kurta

You can choose a kurta with motifs and patterns to have your traditional side up! For traditional men’s clothing, you can choose pastel hues and patterns to give the ensemble a more contemporary look. Additionally, you can choose patterns and motifs that make your outfit look like the ideal fusion of traditional and modern.

Choose a tried-and-true option

It is ideal for wearing such beautiful men’s attire if you wish to steal the show. The safest fabric to go with would be raw silk. The kurta’s design gives a luxurious and regal feel to it. It is hence perfect for your Sangeet party.

Designer Kurta for wedding
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Find the Right Fabric

Cotton and linen are ideal for men’s kurta pajamas. Additionally, these fabrics are breathable and don’t leave perspiration stains. You can wear it with a colorful jacket to enhance the look. You can also don the look by slinging a dupatta over your shoulder.


Find the Right Colors

Weddings demand bright colors, and choosing the right one is very important. Choose a color that complements all or most of the colors in your wedding theme. You can also choose a combination of dark and light hues on your kurta set.

Top trends in kurtas

Following the trends would do you no harm. Some of the trendy kurtas you can go with are given below.

● Bandhgala Kurta

This kurta is perfect for a winter wedding. Worn with a jacket that matches and is buttoned up to the neck, it will add a touch of royalty to your look.

● Denim Wedding Kurta for Groom

Denim kurtas are trending and could be your best choice for wedding attire. The kurta comes with a Chinese collar decorated up to the neck, giving an elegant look. You can go with these comfy kurtas for a function like your mehndi.

● Sherwani Style Kurta

This is the most popular kurta style for the groom. The collar-worked silk Indo-western sherwani is ideal for your wedding. To complete your outfit, add a pair of churidar pants in beige or golden hues to complete the look.

Sherwani Style Kurta

● Chikankari Kurta

An underrated but incredibly classy option in men’s clothing or attire. This one would be ideal for your wedding lookbook. This is for you if you want to look sophisticated while having fun with pastel or soft colors.


● Neon Wedding Kurta for Groom

Go on, be bold! Neon wedding kurtas are the latest trend. These come with traditionally embroidered Nehru jackets that look amazing and modern. Bright colors or pastel hues can be chosen based on your preference, making it a versatile and trendy option for grooms.

● Asymmetric Wedding Kurta for the Groom

A well-tailored kurta can be an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Featuring an asymmetrical hem, this piece’s enhanced flair and structure will lend itself to an air of extreme style. Unlike other kurtas, this one is crafted from a thicker, textured fabric for added durability and definition, letting you easily retain your desired shape. An elegant look is guaranteed with this fashionable and functional piece of clothing.

● Shirt- Style Wedding Kurta for the Groom

When it comes to flawless spring-summer fashion, a short cotton kurta is unquestionably the season’s trend. Additionally, the Nehru collar on this kurta shirt is softer. And often, it is created from materials like khadi or linen. Hence, it is perfect for daytime events like the haldi ceremony.

● Pathani Wedding Kurta for Groom

The necklines of pathani kurtas are collared. Additionally, it is knee-high. They are both attractive and comfortable dealing with the hustle and bustle of weddings.


● Classic Printed Wedding Kurta for Groom

If you are looking to buy modern men’s wedding wear, Printed kurtas will bring an elegant touch to your wardrobe. Combining traditional and fashionable, printed kurtas can be styled according to your tastes. From striped patchwork designs to floral motifs, there are various prints to choose from.

Whether you want something subtle or bold, these modernized versions of traditional garments have something for everyone. These versatile pieces offer maximum style with minimal effort, ideal for any event ranging from casual everyday outings to formal occasions like weddings. Investing in a few signatures printed kurtas will ensure you look effortlessly fashionable no matter where you go.

Printed Wedding Kurta

● Block Printed Wedding Kurta for Groom

Your wedding wardrobe must contain lovely Sanganeri block prints on cotton spread in various calming designs and patterns. This kurta is trendy, classy, and a go-to favorite for functions like your haldi that are sure to get messy with the love of your close ones. To complete your wedding attire for this day, pair it with a contrasting or matching mojri of the color of the blocks.

Final Word

The traditional kurta pajama is ideal for making a great impression at your wedding and staying comfortable all day. With the perfect color, fabric, and style, you can pull off any look you desire while showing your respect for a traditional custom. A kurta-pajama will surely ensure that all eyes are just on you!



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