Watching Korean drama is like living another life that is full of charming characters and different plot twists. The warm feeling and anxiety started growing when we started watching a new Drama. The OST captures our soul first, then the storyline got stuck into our minds until the drama is over and characters stole our hearts. They are wholesome in nature. You will get thriller, comedy, suspense, charming characters, some superficial characters, and lots of Korean food and fashion in one drama. That’s why the Hallyu wave is spreading everywhere.

Below we have listed some reasons why Korean dramas are worth watching:

1. The significant number of episodes and OSTs in Korean Dramas

Generally, Korean dramas don’t have more than 16 to 30 episodes. Most of them have only 16 episodes. This unique characteristic made dramas show more stories in less time. Because of this we never feel boring while watching dramas because every moment, a new twist and turn comes in the story. Every at least has 6 to 7 OSTs that give every new plot a new tune.

Reason to watch Korean cinema

2. Korean Dramas’ cinematography skills

Their cinematography skills are outstanding and aesthetic in nature. South Koreans use so many light colors in their dramas with perfect lighting that if you see the Korean drama at night or all day, still your eyesight will not be affected. Korean drama Goblin is full of perfect shots that are rich in symmetry and managed minute details. The way director chooses locations for scenes is praiseworthy. Scenes and locations are like they are always made for each other.

Best Korean drama Goblin

3. Science fiction content

The content we discard by saying that it is childish and nonsense, Korean industry uses that content frequently such as Angels, Mermaids, Nine-tailed fox, Deities, Imoogis, Vampires, etc. in their storylines in a beautiful way that no one wants to ignore those characters. Korean dramas made me realize Goblins and Grim Reapers have their own life too. They are full of emotions and most importantly they may look handsome too.

Science fiction Korean Films- tail of a nine tailed

4. Family-friendly

Korean dramas have lots of beautiful romance which involves the time to develop chemistry between male and female leads, unlike Hollywood where bed scenes and hard kissing scenes are everything that describes the love between them. Extraordinary You are one the family-friendly drama in which a story revolves around the female lead Eun Dan-oh (Kim Hye-Voon) and her journey of becoming the main lead of her own life because she is extra and predestined to die in someone else story. That drama hardly had 2 or 3 kissing scenes, so forget about bed scenes because they are a long way away. However, many Korean dramas having Adult Content.


5. Refreshing content

Korean dramas have the ability to uplift your mood and can make you addict to Korean dramas. They’re full of refreshing content you’ve never heard of. Ongoing Korean drama Doom At Your Service is a story about the love story of doom and a human. Forget about the love story of doom and human, I honestly have never thought doom would be projected as human-like.

kdrama-doom at your service

6. Emotional roller-coaster ride

Korean dramas are full of emotions. They are enriched with kinds of emotions. Every single story is a blend of various emotions. For example, the Korean drama, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is can be called a roller-coaster ride as it starts with stress, then humor comes in between, and then at last finally tragedy comes.


7. The second lead or second lead syndrome

Being the second lead in Korean drama will give an actor or actress extra fame due to his or her charm. These characters are more memorable because of their non-ending one-sided crush on main leads. One of the famous second lead characters in Korean dramas is Han Ji-Pyeong (Kim Seon-Ho) from Start-Up. From childhood, he wrote love letters to the female main lead Dal Mi (Bae Suzi) secretly, and even after knowing this, she chooses the main lead Nam Do-San (Nam Joo-Hyuk) over him. It hurts my heart to see that even after having so many good qualities, second leads didn’t get a girl.


8. Twist and sharp turns in the story

Korean drama is full of twists and turns. Nearly every episode brings a new element to the story. Korean Drama He is Psychometric is one example of how twist and turns curated the whole plot. I can’t imagine when I saw some of its earlier episodes that the guy who was trying to save the main leads in the whole story, was actually the main reason behind why their lives are all mess. The main culprit is also suffered from Alexithymia disease (inability to recognize emotions) which causes turbulence in everyone’s life.

Korean Drama He is Psychometric

9. Blend of modern and history

A blend of modern times and historical times is one of the most trending phenomena going on in the Korean drama industry. It mostly covers a time-traveling or reincarnation kind of kinds of stuff. For example, Mr. Queen is a uniquely funny fantasy time-travel drama that brings together a complex mix of elements such as humor, romance, modern & traditional sensibility, and gender-bending. The main male lead is a boy in modern times but somehow his soul time travels and got stuck in the body of Joseon period’s princess. When I started watching this drama, I had no idea where the story was going.

korean drama mr-queen

10. Thrill at another level

Korean dramas are not only about romance but also a thriller. Korean drama industry is full of dramas that are full of blood-pumping action in the form of suspense, court drama, cult following, crime, mysteries, etc. For example, Vagabond, Healer, K2, Abyss, Suspicious partner, Hello monster, Save me, etc. Flower of Evil is one of my favorite thriller dramas which shows that that the truth has many layers and every layer is mysterious and complicated in its own ways.

korean drama vagabond

11. Extra-terrestrial content in Korean Dramas

When we hear about movies with extra-terrestrial content, we first remember Jaadu from Koi Mil Gya and PK from PK as most of the Indians mostly saw Bollywood movies but Korean Dramas are different. When I first saw such a drama, then I got into thinking that aliens may be cute too. Just look at Kim So Hyun in My Love From The Star.

My Love From The Star-Kdrama

12. Full of humor

Korean dramas are full of Comedy and humor. About 95% of dramas somehow show humor and comedy in their storyline that is sure to make you laugh out loud. They always bring some comedy in between the storyline to keep us entertained. Welcome to Waikiki is a hilarious drama that hooked you up to a story in every episode just because of the usage of comedic elements.

korean drama welcome to Waikiki

13. Friendship in Korean Dramas

In every Korean drama, there are definitely one or two friend groups who help each other in every good and bad time. For example, in Crash Landing On You, I love the way how the friends of the male lead Ri Jeong-Hyeok (Hyun Bin) who all are from North Korea (enemy of South Korea according to most of the South Koreans) help female lead Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) to survive in North Korea who is basically from South Korea and got stuck in North Korea accidentally. They also protected her in both Koreas because their friend aka Male lead loved her.

Crash landing on you squad

14. South Korean Culture

South Korean dramas are full of traditional and modern culture. Every South Korean Drama shows somewhere that Korea is different from other countries in terms of everything, whether it is food, fashion, or something else. Korean dramas are also known as trendsetters in the Korean Fashion Market. Apart from this, they also give good screen time to their traditional attire Hanbok. Their food is one of the main content in every drama, especially Kimchi, Gimbap, and Tteok-beokki.

korean hanbok

15. Address real-life issues

To be honest, what happened in Korean dramas are far away from real life but they do address real-life issues that are happened to us in some ways in our lives such as bullying, body shaming, obsession with fair skin, study problem, school corruption, mental illness, depression, sexual harassment, unemployment, etc.


It always invokes our compassion, especially when we are watching how characters will do anything to get rid of their problems. They and their emotions mean nothing in real life but it feels nice to see that they are taking care of themselves after facing so many ups and downs in their lives.