When you are setting out on a vacation, you always have tons of options before you. The only sure thing might be where you’re going, but then the questions start pouring in:

Where do you stay? Where will you eat? How will you get around? If this is in another country, where can you exchange currencies? How can you stay safe?

It’s certainly a lot to consider. These are the issues that hit you after you’ve already made the more idealistic decision to travel for pleasure. Maybe you were inspired to get out there in the world by one of the many travel quotes out there about the “journey” and the romance of being on the road.

But at the end of the day, the most important question of all of those is the first one: where will you be staying on your trip? It’s going to be your home away from home for a while.

So to help you make that decision, here are some tips for choosing accommodations when you’re traveling.

Your Basic Hotel

This has long been the go-to for travelers of all stripes: the garden-variety hotel room. It’s a place where you just can’t go wrong. You get a nice, modern room in a hotel building that’s filled with contemporary amenities and manned with round-the-clock staff so you feel secure and comfortable.

Pretty much every major and minor destination out there will have hotels for your convenience, and not all will break the bank! If you’re looking for some stalwart travel accommodations, you’ll do well with a hotel.

Basic Hotel

Vacation Rentals

For a more culturally interesting perspective, vacation rentals are often available, too. These are properties that people buy and rent out to travelers throughout the year to make some money. The benefit to you, the traveler, is that you get privacy while earning a nice taste of the locale itself.

If you’re staying at a lake in Wisconsin, you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of a cozy log cabin in the nearby woods. Or if you’re traveling through Paris, take an apartment and live the life of a true Parisian. Or stay in a luxurious beach house on a tropical island.

Vacation rentals tend to offer more character than hotel rooms, but they can be a little more expensive, too. Do your research, and weigh what you truly want, to decide if such a rental is right for you.

Vacation Rentals

Airbnbs and Vrbos

Over the last few years, alternatives to the traditional hotel have arisen in the form of Airbnbs and Vrbos and the like. These are interesting in that, like vacation rentals, you get more of the local flavor when you stay in a private room in someone’s home. You can tend to experience some culture shock if you do this in a different country, but you’re really feeling up for adventure, check these platforms out.

Airbnbs and Vrbos

There you have it: three great options for accommodations when you’re out on vacation. Think it through, do your own research, and make the best decision for you.