Indian Customs Electronic Gateway, often referred to as ICEGATE, is a platform developed by the National Portal of Indian Customs meant to provide e-filling services to the Cargo Carriers, Trade and other Trading partners on the online platform.

How do I register myself with ICEGATE?

The registration can be done in the following easy steps listed out underneath:

1. Visit the ICEGATE website –
2. Go to the website’s homepage.
3. Find the registration link to register.
4. Click the ‘Simplified Registration’ button.
5. Fill in all the details.
6. Submit the registration form.
7. Next, enter the ICEGATE ID and password provided.
8. Two OTPs will be received, one on the registered mobile number, and the other on the email address.
9. Complete the authentication process by entering the One-time passwords received.
10. Review the information and click the finish button.

What are the documents required for ICEGATE Registration?

The following documents are required for ICEGATE Registration:

ICEGATE Bill of Entry: A legal document required to present through the ICEGATE during the customs clearance process. The form is submitted by the importer and can be tracked using the portal.

ICEGATE Shipping Bill: When exporting goods, the Indian Traders are required to submit legal documentation for the goods to be cleared with details such as the nature of the product, the name of the seller, the name of the buyer, the value of goods and the details of tax paid.

There are five different types of shipping bills:

1. Free Shipping Bill
2. Dutiable Shipping Bill
3. Drawback Shipping Bill
4. Coastal Shipping Bill
5. Shipping Bill for Shipment Ex-Bond

You can also track the status of the shipping bills using the ICEGATE portal.

Bill of Lading: The bill of lading is proof of the carriage contract. This bill includes a list of cargo with quantity and dimensions. A bill of lading is used by the importer to file a bill of entry. It is to acknowledge the receipt through air or sea.

Import General Manifest: Import General Manifest or IGM is a document used to file the cargo with the customs before it is received at the importing country. It consists of the following information:

1. Bill of Landing
2. Consignee details
3. Description of goods
4. Details of the vessel, ship or aircraft
5. Details of Shipper and name.
6. The quantum of packages
It is also filed by the carrier or his agent, who uses an airway bill or bill of lading.

EGM: Export General Manifest, often referred to as the EGM, is a set of documents provided to the Customs department by the shipping agencies or carriers. The same is to be provided once the export has taken place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the shipping bill tracked on ICEGATE Portal?

Visit the ICEGATE portal and select the location. Next, fill in the relevant information, such as the shipping bill number and date to proceed.

2. How to modify/update my profile at ICEGATE?

Send an e-mail request to [email protected] with details of modification required from your registered e-mail address to update your profile.

3. As a registered user, can I add more services to my ICEGATE ID?

You can send a request with complete details to [email protected] from your registered mail id. You can add more locations and transaction types.