Gaurang & Saachi love story

We do not live in the same city and yet manage to spend more time together than couples living in the same zip code. We end up flying almost every weekend to see each other, either in Mumbai or Delhi. All other times, we meet directly at the holiday destination (not in the same city to travel together for a holiday, we just land up there separately). In our two-and-a-half-year-old relationship, we would have taken a combined total of at least 150 flights, visited 8 countries and many cities in India just to spend time with each other – Gaurang

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For us every relationship does find a way round to make it amazing. If you’ve made it long enough and you both are true to each other then what is the need to doing show off to the world about it? I mean that, today relationships are moulded out of uncertainty, where a ‘right swipe’ takes you far away from basic reality of a relationship which should ideally be working on strong will and a lot of determination. And if there are couples who works under all circumstances without using any type of temporary distraction , then they’re definitely worth a mention.


Meet one such couple, who are sticking together, even though they have miles between them. Here’s introducing Gaurang and Saachi, who express their feelings without any fear.
The couple met back in 2011 through a common friend, while they were still in college and when the blackberry phone messenger was into existence.

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The first interaction was, of course, exchanging BBM pins. We actually lived through the “BBM age” in 2011. We used to chat for 7-8 hours every day till it got to a point where we risked finger tendonitis . – Gaurang

That unforgettable memory

Both of them have been filled with the desire to travel and have made their favourite memories exploring different places together. The first time Saachi revealed her feelings to Gaurang when they were in Goa. Right when the sun came out she looked at Gaurang and asked him if he wanted to go out. Little did Gaurang realised that she’s asking him out and he agreed to go out to soak up some sun and enjoy some breakfast.

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From thereon, their memories were becoming clear to either ticket cancellations and re-bookings or checking out a new place together or even making travel plans for their next birthdays, Valentine’s Day and various relationships milestones.

Took me to Prague for my birthday. Flew in to Mumbai to surprise me on Valentine’s day, Jodhpur for our 2 years and now we’re planning to bring in our birthdays at Scotland and USA respectively, this year, because we need new memories! – Saachi

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This is how you tackle distance

Both the ‘wanderers’ have been together for a long while now and have choose various things in life to stay together. By that I mean Gaurang and Saachi realised that being living together in one place, even though their relationship doesn’t allow it, is a bare essential and they’ve done everything in their power to overcome the distance they go through, everyday. Couples living away from each other, making each day count, and not letting their feelings to rule their relationship with the uncertain distance they have to deal with, are an inspiration in today’s day and we’re glad we can count on them perfectly to teach us how to try hard towards keeping something so fragile, alive.

Gaurang and Saachi going through months of not seeing each other is not just notable, it’s the strongest side that builds the fundamentals of their relationship. From dealing with insecurities to winning each other’s trust over time, while away from each other. It is the strongest strength of belief and love. They both love travelling and have made travelling is a way to keep their love alive.


We decided to date each other on a trip with friends to Goa. Our first date was on the beach drinking wine – Saachi

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Since then, instead of meeting them in each others in their cities they decide to book tickets and explore new cities and spend time together. It helps them regain the moments they’ve lost in time and travel through different places.

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The couple first travel to Jodhpur to spend some quality time together and then made it compulsory to pick a city of their choice to meet at, whenever time allowed them to. Honestly if the long distance relationship worked this way then distance is just a word.

She’s a consultant and travels every week, so I end up living that lifestyle vicariously. We’ve met each other at Prague, Portugal, Budapest, Finland, Thailand, Vietnam, USA and Dubai , as far as I can remember – Gaurang

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Long distance relationships are tough to survive but there are many things you learn with this association such as patience, faith and trust. There is never a act of ‘heartbreak’ between these two when they leave each other’s company to restart their professional life’s because they have mastered in art of making holiday plans, seeing each other whenever the need arises and saving money diligently to do so successfully, until the day they’re married!

Honestly, I have been blessed with more than I deserve. – Gaurang

At the end of the day, relationships that are mentally and emotionally strong can withstand any test they’re put through, even the test of time. To end this beautiful story, I personally admire those couples who have undoubtable faith in each other to work through the distance and make every day a reason to point at the map and say ‘Let’s make this work and have fun while doing so’.