Queen of the Deccan or The Oxford of the East, Pune has many names as well. Loved by everyone for its pleasant weather. That’s not all there are some fascinating facts about Pune you must know that sets it apart from other cities in India.

1. Pune got its name from ‘Punya’

Pune is derived from a word called Punya, which literally means the conflux of two rivers, as it is settled at the confluence of the Muthi and Mula rivers. As per few old records it was called Punaka Desha and later Punekavadi, Punevadi, Kasaba Pune. According to history researcher Mandar Lavate the city got its name fror the nearby temple Punyeshwar, a lord Shiva temple. Pune official name was Poona until 1978.

Pune Junction Railway Station

2. Pune is the ninth most populated city in India

It is the second largest city in Maharashtra state.

Nightclub in Pune

3. National Defence Academy at Khadakwasla near Pune

It is the first military academy in the world where three forces – Army, Navy and Air Force – of defence are trained together. An excellent infrastructure with 32 football fields.

National Defence Academy Khadakwasla

4. The headquarters of the Maratha Empire

After Peshwas of the Maratha Empire rose to power, they moved their base from Saswad to Pune, selecting it as their headquarters. Pune is linked to various historical and political significant events.

Maratha Empire

5. Land of Yerwada prison

Yerwada Central Prison is one of the greatest jails in India. During the Emergency era, it was also used to keep several governmental opponents of Indira Gandhi. The historical place which housed multiple national freedom fighters including Mahatma Gandhi.

Yerwada prison Pune

6. India’s First Girls’ School was started in Pune

Savitribai Phule along with her associate Fatima Begum set up the first girl’s school at Bhide-Wada in Pune in 1848.

First girls school in India

7. Oxford of the East

It is an educative centre of the country as the number of educational institutes in Pune has also grown drastically. There are thousands of international students graduating from the prestigious colleges of the city; therefore, it is no surprise it is called the Oxford of the East.

Pune-Oxford of the East

8. Top urban outlining and development

The city has the potential for thoughtful, well-planned, and cost-effective urban planning. Pune is being split into different urban and residential zones to maximize the city’s efficiency and to cater to the increasing wants of its people.

Pune city Facts

9. Beginning of Badminton

As per documents, the game was born to the city by several British officers who were posted in Pune, then called Poona. The fame of badminton grew over some time from Pune itself, and now, it is one of the most cherished sports in India.

Origin of badminton pune

10. Located on earthquake prone area

Both geographically and politically, it comes under the top 10 earthquake-prone sectors in India. It is situated near to Konya Dam, which is seismically powerful and rated Zone 3 out of 5.

Koyna Dam Pune

11. Pune was known as a Pensioner’s Paradise

Due to it’s wonderful climate many officers and defense personnel chose to retire in Pune and it was considered as the ‘Pensioner’s Paradise’. Salunke Vihar was one of the area in the city which developed to accommodate the retired.

Cuddled in the Sahyadri hills, and enclosed by breathtaking hill stations, Pune has enjoyable weather throughout the year. It is the pleasant weather that keeps the Punekar peaceful and productive at the same time.

Facts about Pune

12. House for bhukkads

Pune is a utopia for food lovers. The city has some fantastic restaurants you would find budget-friendly to the expensive restaurant within your scope.

Street food in pune

13. Shopping heaven

Pune is paradise to shopaholics. From street buying to brand purchasing, you can get your fingers on fantastic clothing, accessories, shoes, bags. Some of the famous shopping places are the Hong Kong market, Laxmi Road, F C Road, MG Road, Fashion street, Phoenix Market City and much more.

Shopping in Pune

14. Film and television

The first copies of all the Indian cinemas from the origin of the Indian film industry are in the film archives. This city is also homely to the Film and Television Institute of India, from where the most maximum of the producers, directors and actors have graduated.


15. Copper Smith

“Tambat Ali” of Pune still has a notable community of copper-smiths. They adopt the old hand beating process compared to the modern method of floor manufacturing. They do with a high level of precision.

Tambat Ali Pune

16. Most expensive per capita Income in India

Most of the place and outskirts of Pune are thoroughly metropolitan, and consequently, estate prices have risen in recent times. Pune has the greatest per capita earnings in India and the lowest difference of average earnings between the rich and the poor.

pune per capita income

17. Reading cafes

Pune has some fantastic reading cafes. You can sit and spend your whole day there. The cafes provide a pleasant ambience, and they also serve snacks there. The most fantastic thing about cafes is that they make you feel homely.

Pune Facts

18. Liberated culture

Culture in Pune is liberating. People don’t interfere much in other lives and busy on their own. Even if you plan a dine out only with yourself, it is okay here. Nobody judges you.

pune culture

With all its quirkiness intact, Pune has the most lovable and friendly environment to offer to anyone who visits it.