Not many days have been passed since we heard the news of the postponement of the IPL 2021. Yeah, we miss the DRAMA but even in the few matches that happened, we witnessed the craziest events in the IPL history like Sir Ravindra Jadeja scoring 37 runs in over or Harpreet Brar’s magical spell vs RCB. We do remember it. Right?

But do you remember Adam Gilchrist’s Gangnam style dance in his first IPL over or the moment when the ball went missing in the 2019 IPL match between KXIP vs RCB? Don’t worry we will catch you up with the craziest things that ever happened in all history.

1. During the match between Punjab and RCB in 2019, the ball went missing from the ground after the timeout leaving everyone puzzled.

We have seen shots where balls get lost in the crowd when the batsman hit a big boundary but back in 2019, the ball went missing for real and nowhere to be found. Later the incident trended on the internet and received a priceless reaction from the public.

2. Matthew Hayden came to the crease with his ‘mongoose bat’ in IPL 2010

Craziest Things Happened In The IPL

The Aussie scored 93 off 43 balls hitting both pace and spin around the park, leaving fans flabbergasted.

Craziest Things Happened In The IPL

After a few years, he revealed what Thala said

“I’ll give you anything you want in life, to not use this bat! Please do not use this bat!”.

3. Rashid Khan got out twice in a single delivery in IPL 2020

In cricket, we have seen players get out and that’s normal. But have you ever seen a player got out in two different ways in a single delivery? IPL never fails to entertain us.
The rising star Rashid Khan got dismissed in two different ways- first, he went for a big hit which is caught by Deepak Chahar and other unintentionally he knocked the bail off the stumps with his foot.

Craziest Things Happened In The IPL

4. During the match between KKR and RPS in 2017, umpires were presented with the apples before they were given the ball at the start of the match.

This was unusual and unwanted though a moment to be remembered when we talk about the craziest incidents that happened in all.

Craziest Things Happened In The IPL

5. Kieron Pollard put tape on his mouth when umpires told him to talk less during the match in IPL 2015

Chris Gayle opened for RCB in chase of 210 and Kieron Pollard decided to annoy him from the very first over. Eventually, the umpires told the Pollard to chatter less and in response, he put a tape on his mouth and walked off the pitch leaving commentators and the Banglore crowd cachinnated.

Craziest Things Happened In The IPL

6. The Universe Boss, Chris Gayle started chasing spider cam in IPL 2019.

Gayle is the most fascinating cricketer around and the boss never fails to entertain us whether it is with his power-hitting with bat or carefree attitude in the field. In the 48th match between KXIP and SRH in 2019, he had some fun with the spider cam leaving spectators and commentators into a wild laugh.