We usually see our grandparents as someone who are from old school and knows nothing much about the present trend. However, it is a big myth in some of the cases. You can see many grandparents who were way cooler than what you are your at your present age.

So here we decided to list some pictures of grandparents who have been super cool in their younger days. Ranging from the grandmas modeling session to grandpas pulling off a motorbike stunt. Take a look.

1. Grandma sent me a picture of my grandpa at my age to make me feel like shit


2. My Grandmother, 1940s


3. The last photo in my grandparents wedding album (1954)


4. My grandma recently passed. My Grandpa sent me this picture so I could know what man looks like when he is in love. They were married 60+ yrs.


5. My grandma modeling in her flight attendant uniform – 1972


6. My grandparents in 1960, on a date. My favorite picture


7. My Grandmother on her Harley in 1926


8. My grandma smoking her cigarette on the farm. Wearing pants and doing whatever the hell she wanted, 1938


9. My grandmother demonstrating the Three-point belt as a model for Volvo in 1959


10. My Friend’s Grandparents, California 1940s


11. My grandmother (again) with Sultan, her favorite lion from her troop, in front of her plane she flew just after WW2, 1947


12. My great grandmother, working as a welder during WWII


13. My grandmother right after she ran away from communistic Bulgaria to Germany (1978)

cool grandparents photos (13)

14. I recently lost my grandmother to cancer. This will always be one of my favorite photo of her.


15. My Grandpa (Far Left) with some babes on babes… 1940s