With the massive expansion in the world of business, it is really hard to go by the mood of the buyers. Many Indian names failed to gain that much popularity when it came to big branding. This might be the reason that we Indians started inclining ourselves towards all those names which sound vaguely French or Italian even though many might have no idea what they mean or how to pronounce them. The brands play with psychology according to which an exotic sounding name has grater pull than a local name. This is how many Indian brands used foreign names to attract common Indians.

Let us explore some of the foreign-sounding names which are actually owned by Indians or produced in India:

1. Chandon Wine

This is a very special wine owned by French Specialists Moët Hennessy and which we get in our Indian market. The wine is actually produced in India only with the grapes which is grown few hundred kilometers outside of Mumbai.

Chandon Wine

2. Lakme

Lakme is an Indian cosmetics brand which is owned by Hindustan Unilever. The company was started in 1952 as a subsidiary of Tata Oil Mills and has been manufacturing cosmetics for both local and international consumers since then. It got name from the popular French opera Lakme, which ideally means Lakshmi.

lakme is an indian brand
Hindustan Unilever

3. HiDesign

The name is popular enough for us to wonder where did this brand came from. This brand produces leather goods and is basically based in Pondicherry, India. This is really interesting to know that the Tamil Nadu’s tanneries supply its leather products to some of the biggest brands worldwide.

HiDesign Indian brand

4. Allen Solly

This brand is pure Indian and is famous for its Friday dressing. Allen Solley is an initiative of Maura Fashion and Lifestyle and it also a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and lifestyle, which is one of India’s largest and fastest growing brands. All those shirts and wallets are made in India only. No matter how posh or expensive the brand is, at the end of the day it’s all an Indian mind behind it.

Allen Solly Indian brand
R City Mall

5. East India Company

The company that once exploited India is now owned by Sanjiv Mehta. It is now one of the high-end luxury goods providers. Yes, it is a proud fact that an Indian now owns the company which once ruled India.

East India Company Sanjay mehta

6. Amrut Single Malt

Since its launch globally, Amrut Single Malt is leading as the 3rd best single malt in world. There is a saying – do not judge a book by its cover. You might wonder that Amrut Single Malt is bottled in Europe. But it has always been brewed and bottled at its own distillery in Bangalore.

 Amrut Single Malt
Amrut Distilleries

7. Da Milano

It really sounds Italian and very classy.  But what does it mean? The name refers to the powerful people from Milan who had Milano as their surname. Aloisio da Milano, who was an Italian architect who worked in Muscovy, Francesco Canova da Milano, a lute player and composer, and Giovanno da Milano, an Italian painter, are some of the names that inspired Da Milano, which is completely an Indian brand. They are good at high end leather products and home furnishing which supplies to the county and overseas as well.

Da Milano is an Indian brand

8. Monte Carlo

Yet another name which you probably didn’t know is Indian. Yet another name to lure the Indian customers toward “Made in India” products, Monte Carlo is completely 100% Indian woolen brand of Ludhiana-based Nahar Group.

Monte Carlo Indian brand
For Press Release

9. Franco Leone

This name is justified as this name was actually brought by two Italians who once owned the brand. Later, it was bought by an Indian. Well the name itself is very classy.

Franco Leone India

10. Munich Polo

Many would have been in real dilemma of knowing this as German based brand unless they were told that it is Indian. This European-sounding name is an Indian brand of kidswear. Well, the concept of alluring customers has really worked well and, at the same time, it does make an immense business sense.

Munich Polo

11. La Opala

La Opala is one of those brands which pioneered as a high-end tableware. It might have a French-sounding name but this brand’s products and the brand itself is 100% Indian. At times sound blends better when French essence is mixed!

La Opala India brand

12. Peter England

Each English name makes eyebrows high really: is this from England or India? Yet another brand which is a part of Madura Fashion style and partnered with Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd, Peter England has grown its popularity as one of the largest menswear brands in India.

Peter England Indian brand
Bokaro Mall

13. Flying Machine

This is another brand which is completely Indian and is owned by Arvind mills garment division. This is India’s first jeans brand; in fact it was India’s first homegrown denim brand.

Flying Machine Arvind Mills India
Ace Turtle

14. Louis Philippe

There is no doubt that it is an Indian brand! This is another premier brand for menswear, and the name was taken as an inspiration from the French King. This brand was launched in the country in 1989. Louis Philippe is also owned by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle.

Louis Philippe Indian brand

15. And Designs

Well flourished globally, not just India And Deigns has explored globally which was founded by Anita Dongre, Meena Sehra and Mukesh Sawlani. It came into existence in 1995 and its evolving ideas meet the expectations with international styles and fashions.

AND Store India Brands

16. American Swan

An online shopping site which sells jackets and jeans along with other fashion accessories. This online brand is completely Indian and its headquarters is in Gurgaon. This brand is owned by American Swan lifestyle.

American Swan is an Indian brand

17. Royal Enfield

It used to be British motorcycle manufacturing company. Now this brand is in the hold of Eicher Motors Limited, which is an Indian automaker located in Chennai.

Royal Enfield Indian Brand

18. Jaguar Land Rover Cars

One of the world’s most famous car brands, both Jaguar and Land Rover are owned by Tata Motors since 2008. Jaguar was acquired by Ford in 1990, which also bought Land Rover from BMW. Ford then sold both Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors. Thus an Indian automaker is the owner of two iconic British brands.

jaguar Ratan tata