beer bottle hacks-DIY

Pals don’t you feel exciting about days when you know the day would be ending on boozes of beer. Having drinks at the end of the day makes the day lot more exciting and thrilling. Though after an awesome party night, the next day you wake up to a hangover and empty beer bottles lying around. Well pals surely you can’t alter your bodily functions but you can do lot more interesting things with these empty beer bottles and create some cool stuffs which will leave with tonnes of appreciation from family and friends. Now you all must be thinking what we can actually do with these empty beer bottles instead of throwing it into the bin.

So here is the list of 15 cool ideas to give your empty beer bottles a makeover.


1. Soap dispenser

During this time of pandemic, aren’t you all bored with boring soap dispensers. So why not create a cool and handy soap dispenser using a beer bottle.


bottle as Soap dispenser

2. Light series

Instead of using bulb covers, you can make use of empty beer bottles to create a series of light hanging in a corner of your room, making it your favourite corner.


Beer Bottle DIY

3. Earrings

Every woman has a fetish for earrings. So now it’s time to create a cool cheeky pair of earrings using beer bottle caps.

bottle cap as Earrings

4. Wrapped bottles

Are you sitting idle and getting bored? Wrap your empty beer bottles with jute yarn or wool and your new show pieces are ready for home décor.

Wrapped bottles DIY

5. Candles

Carefully cut the empty beer bottles in varying heights. Now fill them up with hot wax and place a thread flick in between. To make it more mesmerizing, you can add essential oils to it for fragrance.

wine bottles as Candles

6. Lamps

Turn off the boring bulbs and tubelights in your room and create an all new lamp using an empty beer bottle. This way you will have your own creation for decorating your room.


bottles as Lamps- DIY

7. Cap candles

Done with creating candles using empty beer bottles? So what to do with the leftover wax and bottle caps. Simply pour the wax into the caps and a flick of thread. Your cute cap candles are ready.

Cap candles- DIY

8. Wall decorations

You can give your plain, blank walls an altogether new look by installing beer bottles in an experimental manner. Brainstorm and bring out the artist in you.

glass bottles as Wall decorations

9. Chandeliers

Add a new piece of art to your home decor by arranging the empty beer bottles in a chandelier pattern. This new innovation will lighten up your room and you won’t be able to take off your eyes from it.

glass bottles as Chandeliers

10. Cap wall art

After so many cool innovations with empty beer bottles, you must be left with many bottle caps. Decorate your wall by sticking and arranging these caps in innovative patterns.


beer bottle Cap wall art

11. Lights

Clean the empty beer bottles and let them dry. Place some fairy or rice lights into it. And you are done with creating a new lamp for your next booze party.

Glass bottle DIY

12. Glasses

Carefully cut the empty beer bottles and your perfect set of party glasses are ready.

beer bottle as Glasses

13. Coasters

Glue the empty bottle caps forming a square or a circle. Paint beautiful patterns on it. So your super cool coasters are ready.

Coasters with beer cap

14. Planters

Nature Lovers out there, you will surely love this hack. Carefully cut the empty beer bottles and grow ornamental plants into it. Place them in your balcony and cherish nature.


Alcohol bottle DIY - as Planters
Michael Hohl/YouTube

15. Bracelet holder

Ladies you will love this hack. Clean the empty beer bottle and place it in your closet. You can arrange your bracelets and watches by putting them around the bottle.

bottle as Bracelet holder

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