Kamariya - Stree

There is no denying that music and a nice high are the best combinations. Whenever we get trippy we crave good music to relax or groove to. There are a number of songs in Bollywood that are a perfect fit for your heightened senses. These trippy songs will take you to cloud 9. If you are in a high or hallucinated state, these trippy songs will make you feel liberated.

Here is our list of the best trippy songs from Bollywood that you can listen to on a loop while are high:


1. Udd Gaye by Ritviz

It is one of the best songs created by Ritviz. Udd Gaye tops the list of trippy songs Hindi. The fun video of the uncles dancing to the beats of this hip and happening song with Ritviz’s unique voice is worth listening to.


2. Manali Trance – The Shaukeens

Manali Trance has the best looping beats and this trippy song is immensely popular for its unique tune. This will surely set the mood to relax and have fun. Among the list of trippy songs, this is a swag one.

3. Liggi by Ritviz

Liggi is another song by Ritviz that is a must-add to the playlist of trippy party songs. The song has awesome beats that will make you listen to it on a loop and take you into the world of your dreams.


4. Junoon by Mitraz

This song by Mitraz is a perfect song to listen to when you are high. The tune and feel of the song will compel you to listen to it on a loop.

5. Kahan Ho Tum by Prateek KuhadMismatched

Kahaan Ho Tum is a beautiful song written and sung by the soulful Prateek Kuhad. It is a new single from Netflix’s new original web series, Mismatched. The lyrics and the feel of this song will add to the euphoria. If you are overcoming a heartbreak, this song will heal. This is one of the trippy songs you can listen to.


6. Jeet by Ritviz

The Bacardi House Party sessions songs are a mood on their own. Jeet is one of the trippy songs sung and written by Ritviz himself. Any song in his magical voice is capable of lifting your mood. This thoughtful song with a deep meaning is among the stoner songs of all time.

7. Ved by Ritviz

Yet another song by Ritviz can get you high at any time. His voice is not only addictive but also among the best songs to listen when high.


8. Kasoor by Prateek Kuhad

A slow track like Kasoor is one of the trippy songs that you must listen to while getting high. It will add to the flavor of your mood and help you forget everything and will help you have a good time.

9. Thandi Hawa by Ritviz

Ritviz songs have a way with the high ones. This song playing in the background alone can make you high without the need for weed. All Ritviz songs have this effect that sets the trippy mood.


10. Babaji Ki Booty – Go Goa Gone

If you are looking for slow trippy songs, Babaji Ki Booty is the one for you. This slow-motion song is dope and a great combination if you are high.

11. Sang Rahiyo by Jasleen Royal

This song is all about love, it will give you the feel of a rainy day with hot tea or coffee. This is one of the best trippy songs to play when you are high.


12. Safar – Notebook

Most of the trippy Hindi songs have great music, and if it has good lyrics too, it acts as a cherry on top. The lyrics of this song ‘Main safar mein hoon, khoya nahin’ truly justifies the high!

13. Taara Tuteya by Mitraz

The beat and mood of this song with the soulful voice of the singers make it a must-add to the list of songs to listen when high.


14. Chalo Chalein by Ritviz

Chalo Chalein is one of the Hindi songs that can be a great track to listen to with friends. Be it a hang-out plan or a trip with your buddies this song has great music and beats. This is a trippy song to dance along to.

15. Kho Gaye Hum Kahan – Baar Baar Dekho

A masterpiece by Prateek Kuhad and Jasleen Royal Kho Gaye Hum Kahan is a great song for a roadside trip. You can play this song when you wish to get high. This one is a soothing song that can bring back sweet memories.


16. Bol Har Har – Shivaay

Bol Har Har is a trippy song that will make you groove to its beat. This Hindi song will definitely affect your mood. If you are a religious person it will connect you to god.

17. Maan Meri Jaan by King

This is one of the new Hindi songs that you must listen to. The beat of this soulful song in King’s voice will make you listen to it on a loop.


18. The Local Train – Khudi

Most of the Hindi songs have really outstanding music, which is enough to get someone trippy. With great lyrics, and good music and beats, this is one of the most popular trippy songs.

19. Yahin Hoon Main by Ayushmann Khurrana

Yahin hoon main is yet another slow high songs that is full of love. If you are high and alone you should listen to this beautiful track.


20. Hardum Humdum – LUDO

This is one of the trippy songs when you’re high. Listen to this new Hindi song while you are high and decide for yourself.

21. Kamariya – Stree

If you like you dance when you are stoned and want a song to vibe to, this will be the perfect pick for you. Play this song and get grooving like no one is watching.


22. O Gujariya – Queen

This trippy song is one of the biggest party anthems. This is one song you must play if there is a party on your mind. The energetic song will set the perfect mood.

23. Emotional Atyachaar – Dev D

Planning to spend an evening with friends, “emotional atyachar” and help you get high and have fun. Conversations on relationships in a trippy mood with this song playing in the background is a mood in itself.


24. Humraah – Malang

This one set in the backdrops of Goa is one of the trippy songs to listen to with headphones and get lost in ecstasy.

25. Tumhi Ho Bandhu – Cocktail

Among the trippy songs Hindi, this track from Cocktail is one of the best songs to listen to when you are high. The music, the lyrics, and the beat of the song will force your body to groove along.


26. Nadaan Parinde – Rockstar

This popular Hindi song from Rockstar sung by A.R. Rahman is enough to get your foot tapping and sway your body. The composition is perfect to listen to when you are high and tripping.

27. Ilahi – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani 

This song from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani hits differently. The soulful singing will ring in your ears even after you have stopped playing this trippy song.