During the times of lockdown when you cannot meet your loved ones and the only way to be connected are the virtual platforms, online games have appeared to be a blessing. They not only give you a chance to entertain yourself or become the best pastimes but also let you play and interact with your near and dear ones irrespective of the distance or location they are in. Given the popularity of online games, many gaming websites/platforms have come into existence. Along with multiple gaming platforms, several games have also been introduced for you to play and enjoy.

Among so many gaming platforms, the one that has gained immense popularity and that too in a very short span of time is the MPL – Mobile Premier League. Like other websites, MPL also has a lot of games to offer, including rummy, chess, ludo, fantasy sports like cricket, football, etc. However, if you are thinking of registering with MPL to enjoy the games, you should know that the gaming platform has multiple other fun and refreshing games to offer players. No matter which age group you belong to, you will surely enjoy the ones it has to offer.

For you as a fresher on MPL, here is a list of games recommended to get started with:

1. Sudoku

If you have been used to solving Sudoku puzzles published in the newspapers, you might be missing it as newspaper distributors might not be reaching out to you because of the fear of Covid contraction. MPL has a Sudoku section to start with. You can select the level yourself and the puzzle will hit your screen immediately. Based on your efficiency and expertise, you can choose the level of the game – Easy, Intermediate, Difficult.

Playing this game will let you assess how fast you can solve the puzzle. You can apply your technique that you think would work. Every time you solve the puzzle, you will observe you are turning faster. Set the timer whenever you play to check the time taken to solve the number puzzle. You can try different techniques whenever you play. The first thing to do is to scan the missing and filled numbers. This will let you identify a few of the missing numbers quite quickly.

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Sudoku on mobile

2. Bubble Shooter

TalkEsport recently published a report in which it stated that the National Rifle Association of India or NRAI and MPL are going to collaborate soon to make real-time shooting games available on a virtual platform. Well, until those games hit your screen, MPL still has a shooter game for you. Bubble Shooter is one of the most fun games to enjoy for players of every age group. Here, the goal of the player is to form a group of three or more bubbles. These bubbles should be of the same colour. The game ends as the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen.

Meanwhile, the gamers are required to destroy the bubbles in one shot. Based on the number of bubbles destroyed in one shot, the scores are given. Thus, the more bubbles you destroy, the better points you earn. A player wins only when there are no bubbles left in the playing space. The game might sound easy, but you have to play it to find out how it actually is.

Bubble Shooter

3. WCC2

So, you are a fan of cricket. Well, if fantasy cricket is not what you want to be involved in, WCC2 or World Cricket Championship 2 is for you. You can play the game on your mobile. The graphics that are used for the game are three-dimensional. The best part is that the players play in a real-time situation. This game offered by MPL has taken mobile cricket gaming to another level. This advanced feature is what makes this MPL cricket team the best among the rest.

As a player, you will get a chance to try and test a number of cricket shots in one game, including Dil-Scoop. The Upper Cut, and Helicopter shots. It is available in multiplayer mode. This means you can ask your friends to join you via an online generated code and play together. The 1vN mode of the game is the one where all the players bat simultaneously and the one who scores the most is the winner. With 150 unique batting animations and 29 bowling actions, this game appears to be the best choice for cricket fans and lovers.

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WCC2 FANS/Facebook

4. Auto Raja

If you are searching for a battlefield to show your strategic fighting ability, this game is for you. With a minimum of two players and a maximum of 8 players allowed to play together. The gamer plays an auto driver who drives and picks up passengers, competing or fighting against the competing auto drivers in the city. You can use awesome weapons to fight. The one with the highest number of passengers at the end of the game becomes the winner.

The game has to be played and completed within the set duration. There are buttons as control using which you can manage the speed of the auto and shoot the competitors. You are allowed to reload the weapons as and when required. The “Health” and “Ammunition” power helps increase the health and weapon capacities of the players.

Auto Raja
Auto Raja/Facebook

5. Monster Truck

In case you have been fond of racing games, this game is the one you should start with. Yes, it is a fun truck racing game that passes through hilly regions and you have to keep control over it while you ride. There are moments in the game where trucks start flying in the air because of being at high speeds while climbing the landscapes. The one who reaches the finishing line first is the winner.

Monster Truck

Start with the above-mentioned games as they are both fun and skill-based, to begin with. Involving in these games will help you enhance your gaming capabilities before you start the next level of it. Register with MPL today and select your game to start with.