Back Hand Mehndi Designs 2020

One of the greatest images anybody may find in a group of photographs is a lovely person displaying his or her Mehndi. However, because Mehndi is so popular at all gatherings, a distinctive mehndi design is essential for making you stand out in an ocean of decorations. After all, it could be a significant and memorable day for anyone, therefore having a competitive streak to look your best is required. We have the greatest and most up-to-date back hand mehndi designs in a variety of sizes and patterns for you to choose from.

Without further adieu, let’s go through the designs and see which one appeals to you the most.


We’ve compiled a list of some of the stylish back hand mehndi designs that you won’t want to miss. Continue scrolling to explore the world of mehndi patterns!

1. Triangular back hand mehndi design

This style is very popular at weddings these days. It has really well-done details. It’s made in the shape of an inverted V. At the rear, the two triangles are elegantly connected and created. This one-of-a-kind style is complemented by the other dotted designs. It is also quite simple to execute and achieve.

Backhand Mehndi Designs for Wedding

2. Initials-Inspired Design

Those days are gone when your initials were inscribed into the front hand mehndi pattern. This initial-inspired back hand full hand mehndi design is an ultimate extension to the typical mehndi patterns accessible virtually everywhere, and it’s the perfect time to make a difference. This unique sort of simple back hand mehndi design is stunning, with leaf and flower-shaped patterns.

back hand mehndi designs

3. Exquisite Design

This design is a great option if you want to include Indian style mehndi designs with intricate and complex motifs. Because there is free space surrounding the hand, this design raises the center and the fingers. You can amp it up even further by using bright nail polish.


Exquisite backhand mehndi design

4. Floral design

Floral patterns have always been a staple of mehndi designs, and this one resembles an Arabic motif. A black outside line is filled with thin lines in the centre of the big flowers done on the back of your hand. This basic yet stunning design is suitable for any occasion.

Mehndi Floral design

5. Ring Attached with a Chain Design

These days, an appealing simple arabic mehndi design that can steal your heart is in hot demand. It’s a detailed design with two rings intended to seem like chains to give it a jewellery feel. You may show it out by pairing it with dark-colored nail polish. The positioning of a wide bracelet at the back of your hand is another distinctive feature of this mehndi design.

Ring attached with chain backhand mehndi design

6. Rajasthani design

Rajasthani stylish back hand mehndi designs are distinguished by their mix of floral themes and jewellery patterns. These patterns are intricate and complex, and they are put on the brides’ hands and legs. This lovely design takes a little getting used to at the back of your hand, but it looks stunning on the user.

backhand mehndi design

7. Cobweb’s intricacy design

The intricate Mehndi design catches the attention since it appears to be connected with nets where the diamond-like mehndi dots are joined. This adds to the overall elegance and awe-inspiring quality of the design. Furthermore, the many Mehndi designs give it an opulent and opulent appearance.

Cobweb backhand mehndi designs

8. Single side design

This pattern is ideal for someone seeking a simple yet attractive design on the back of their hand. Vertical lines are combined with dots to form the whole structure. All of the other fingers are empty except for the little finger, which has crisscross lines, and the index finger, which has lovely circular designs. It distinguishes mehndi design back side and helps it stand out.

mehandi design

9. Geometric design

This ultra-decent geometry-inspired Mehndi pattern brilliantly displays the strong play of bold and light, thin and hefty. The patterns’ empty spaces are like tranquil pauses that are allowed to breathe and accentuate the beauty of the hands. When you want to go minimalistic and keep everything light and modern, this makes for a wonderful design.


mehndi design 2021

10. Semi-circle design

This is a semi-circle pattern on the back of your hand with motifs that resemble rice grains and thin leaves. This design has intricate and gorgeous designs that gracefully fill space and give your hand an edgy appeal. This pattern is ideal for giving your henna design a contemporary edge.

mehandi design simple

11. Dropping Beads Design

This vibrant mehndi design is reminiscent of a bride’s colourful, picturesque hands on her wedding day. It’s also known as the “no-jewellery” appearance. The star of this design is the dropping beads effect, which readily draws in a large number of viewers. Also, the unusual combination of red and black is a fantastic idea to apply.

mehandi ki design

12. Minimalist leafy pattern design

When it comes to backhand henna designs, the most basic ones are typically the most appealing. The simple rear hand mehndi design is made more attractive by this leafy pattern with organic curves, and the free spaces surrounding the pattern allow the design to stand out.

henna designs

13. Mandala design

The beautiful circle in the middle, along with a crown-like mehndi pattern on the wrist, looks to be non-traditional. The thin mehndi adornment all over the hand appears valuable, expensive, and extremely delicate. This mehndi design’s artistic drawing will look great with Indo-western clothes like long skirts and western dresses. It is a trending mehndi design 2022.


finger mehndi design

14. Beaded chain design

This is one of the most beautiful mehndi patterns, and it provides the hands with a magnificent appearance. The mehndi pattern will be classic, with tiny flower and leaf motifs divided by beaded chain designs, creating an interesting and emergent outline.

latest mehndi design

15. Dark boundary design

The wholly designed mehndi pattern at the back of the hand, along with a darkened border or outlining, gives the overall mehndi design that much-needed punch. The dome effect has a boldness about it that seems grandiose and Augustinian in nature. This would go well with heavy bridal gowns and bold, vivid colours.

mehandi designs easy

16. Heart effect design

The backhand’s heart-shaped impression looks to be a relaxing, simple design. More brides are opting for a simple mehndi pattern that is pleasing to the sight and does not overpower the skin. This is an intriguing mehndi pattern that embodies our traditional crafts while still being modern and distinct.

dulhan mehndi design

17. Floral net design

The charming placement of flowers on all fingers saves the index finger, with subtle elaboration, looks on-trend and eccentric. This is a fantastic bridal mehndi design for any bride who wants to look simple but elegant on her wedding day. This mehndi pattern is a very contemporary take on the traditional mehndi design.


Floral net backhand mehndi design

18. Geometrical cum floral design

The dark colouring around the flowers in the box gives the impression that they belong in a princess’s room. The floral accessories, geometrically integrated flowers, and flawless glittering nail art combine for a beautiful mehndi design that will make you stand out during your wedding reception.

Geometrical cum floral mehndi

19. Circled bird design

This is another fantastic design that will make you appear stunning on your wedding day. The visual appeal of the birdy look on both hands distinguishes this design. Without adding mehndi on the palm, this can also be utilized as a henna tattoo. The border and shade of the mehndi pattern that totally covers the backhand are really stunning.

easy full backhand mehndi

20. Funky design

As this design speaks for itself, we too are short on hands. When it comes to mehndi, you know how to rock your occasion. This one is for all of our naughty, eccentric, and adorable brides who want to do something different with their mehndi than the obvious.

new mehndi designs

21. Finger band design

This design appears to be a ring-shaped mehndi. Dotted lines and dotted patterns are used in the design, giving the mehndi a pleasing appearance. The dotted line, which resembles a tiny net, is another distinctive feature of the layout. This design is suitable for any event.


fingerband mehndi design

22. Classy Design

This elegant rear hand mehndi pattern is constructed in rings by thick mehndi strokes and is very clean but complicated. With its smooth curve features and countless circles created one within the other, it looks fantastic. This is a mehndi pattern that is undoubtedly pleasing to the eye. It’s a great option for the classic bride who wants patterns that cover only half of her hands.


23. Thread art design

This is another minimalist option for back mehndi designs that is both completely distinct and elegant. With its unique qualities, it will make you stand out. Dotted threads falling in numerous numbers with a solid mehndi pattern defining their borders will make your hands more attractive on various occasions when you want to get a party-look design within minutes.


24. Half Mitten design

The design with the raw cloth-like texture at one end makes it appear like a mitten glove, with a mehndi checker making a cute little heart in the center. It’s a one-of-a-kind back mehndi design with interwoven threads and crisp flowers placed in a mitten-like shape. Also, don’t forget about the small heart finger design.


25. Floral Criss-cross design

In hand mehndi designs, we have now seen the criss-cross design. You have the option of choosing a design that completely covers your hand or a design that just covers half of your hand. It’s on-trend, trendy, has a certain wow element, and has a very excellent and beautiful appeal.


Floral Criss-cross design

26. Lotus design

This pattern has long been on the list of popular simple back mehndi designs for backhands. Lotuses are stunningly gorgeous when used in mehndi patterns. While your mehndi design might include a variety of patterns, don’t forget to include some lotuses. When made on the back of the hand, this design is considerably more appealing.

Lotus mehndi design

27. Breathing space design

The talent of creating gorgeous, detailed, and delicate crafting designs all over the hand has left us breathless and in wonder. These breathing spaces are well-executed and appear beautiful and refined with a very appealing appeal.

mehandi design back hand

28. Rakshabandhan mehndi design

This simple mehndi design is unique as it has a rakhi in the form of a mandala design. The layouts are complex and thorough. This would look great with bright and vibrant colours.

Rakshabandhan backhand mehndi design

29. Folk art design

Why not incorporate your favourite words into your back mehndi design? Stories in the form of folk art have always had a special place in our hearts, and what better way to show our affection via traditions like mehndi? As a result, we give this one a perfect score.


back mehndi design

30. Play cards design

The flawless carving of the king and queen on both hands gives the whole mehndi pattern a classic feel. The elegance, stance, and thin mehndi design back side drawing all have a harmonious, balanced, and cohesive appeal. Although they will take more time and effort to master, the result will be well worth the effort.

Play card backhand mehndi

31. Trendy design

With the changing times, a growing number of ladies are opting for personalised mehendi designs. To add style to your mehndi, use specifics and designs that you can relate to. This chess-inspired sporty style is another stunning take on mehndi patterns. The pattern not only incorporates the chess game but also has a modern twist to it, making it eye-catching and audacious to wear.

trendy mehndi design

Feel free to let us know in the comments below which back hand mehndi design you liked the most!