In the area of journalistic ethics, there is sometimes almost little or no sense of boundaries regarding the behavior and processes of obtaining information about public figures. Today’s media loves to consume all the juicy and scandalous information about celebrities and often shows it in a gruesome manner without thinking how much it can affect the mental health of the person who is being talked about.

Such happening happens with every celebrity, but it has mostly been the women who went through such ill-treatment would not be so wrong. There is a difference between seeking information and prying and publicizing somebody’s private affair or personal life to the whole world.

Here is a list of women celebrities who were disparaged and treated terribly by the media and had to face dire consequences because of all the vilification.

1. Janet Jackson

In the year 2004 Janet Jackson had a performance with Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl XXXVIII where a wardrobe malfunction happened and her bre*st was exposed at the end of the performance. The media solely blamed Jackson while clearly, Timberlake had a great involvement in the mishap. Jackson was heavily criticized by everyone which to a great extent ruined her whole career. She was forbidden to come to the Grammys but Justin was not. Jackson had to face dire consequences while Justin, zero. Our misogynist society does not understand that a mishap is nothing but purely a mishap.

Janet Jackson

2. Rhea Chakraborty

After actor and boyfriend, Sushant Singh Rajput‘s sudden mysterious death girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty has been one of the prime suspects for the cause of his death. Although she has not been proven guilty, the way the netizens and media slanders her image is way too cruel. All the fans of Sushant without any solid proof started blaming her for his sudden death saying it was she who drugged him. But one should never forget that Sushant was a mature guy who obviously was well aware of the fact that what was right and what was wrong. To keep on vilifying a person so much so that it’d harm their mental state is nothing but an act of sheer inhumanity which the Indian media to a great extent did and still continue to do so.

Rhea Chakraborty
Rhea Chakraborty/Instagram

3. Amy Winehouse

It is just so disheartening when one hears how much Amy had to go through in her life. How life destroyed her despite all the talent that she had. Media made her a figure of fun, her personal life, her problem with drugs and what not, media used everything related to her and made her a standing joke in front of the public. Her family especially her father used to take advantage of her fame, used to exploit her. It’s tragic what that angel had to go through. We hope her soul rests in peace.

Amy Winehouse

4. Kristen Stewart

After accepting the fact that Kristen cheated on her boyfriend of three year Robert Pattinson with the director of Snow White and the huntsman she was denounced by a lot of her fans and media of course played a huge role in igniting the whole controversy. Of course, what happened was wrong but one should never forget that it takes two to tango. While Kristen was heavily criticized for her deed the director of Snow White and the huntsman was hardly talked about.

Kristen Steward

5. Rekha

Rekha, an Indian actress of the 90s Bollywood was another famous celebrity who had a scandalous life. People used to bad-mouth her so much so that she was often referred to by the media as ‘Daayan’, this escalated especially with the demise of her husband barely after few months of getting married. Her alleged affair with famous actor Amitabh Bachchan was a piece of juicy news that the media used to showcase every now and then. Even though she was going through a heavy loss after her husband’s suici#e right after the marriage the media did not even once try to act with a little sense of humanity.

Rekha source of income

6. Princess Diana

When it comes to documenting the life of famous figures the media barely tries to act with morality. Since the day Diana got into the Royal world and married Prince Charles her every action was more or less observed from a sordid outlook. Her life was like a roller-coaster ride. With everything that she went through allegations, accusations, the blame of taking vengeance, alleged affair everything was a plus factor in her heavy life. Her last words were ‘My God, what’s happened?’ The media despite after her death was still engrossed in capturing the pictures from the best angle and in constructing slanderous tales.

Princess Diana

7. Beyoncé

Famous American Singer Beyoncé is one among the many celebrity women whose life was filled with lots of rumors and of course scandals. From allegations of skin lightening treatment; accusations of her, not really giving birth to Blue Ivy, hiring a surrogate mother just because she ‘I’d not wanna look fat’; her beef with Rihanna, everything was captured and portrayed by the media in the most grisly way ever. While she just simply tries to live her life she still is every now and then targeted by the media.


8. Sri Devi

Indian Actress Sri Devi who is no more was the second wife of the film producer Boney Kapoor. Boney Kapoor broke off his first marriage in order to marry Sri Devi which gave the fans and the journalists another topic to chew over. She was often referred to as a home-wrecker, as the first wife Mona Kapoor and Boney Kapoor were believed to be happy enough together. Even after Sri Devi’s decease, people keep on bashing her, saying she saw it coming after committing adultery. How pathetic the statement and opinion of people and media sound as if Boney Kapoor did not wanna marry her and it was all her doing. At least one should never keep on criticizing someone after their demise when they were never wrong since the beginning.

Unknown facts about Sridevi
Sridevi Kapoor

9. Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie

Jennifer Aniston the first wife of actor Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie the second has always been mentioned more or less together in every gossip that media shows to the world. The fact that both the women are in some way or other vilified by the media with titles like ‘poor wife’ for the former one who would not give a baby to Brad and ‘home wrecker’ for the latter one with whom Brad cheated on while still being married to Aniston. The media always brings up Aniston and Jolie in the headlines is so wrong while Brad, on the other hand, is rarely mentioned. One should never forget that it was Brad who did what he did and no one really criticized him for that.

Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie

10. Meghan Markle

Just like Princess Diana, the British media tries their best to make the public life of Meghan Markle, spouse of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex a living hell. Titles like ‘home breaker’ are often used for Meghan. Harry in full support of his wife said that his biggest fear was history repeating itself. He knew how much his mother, Princess Diana had to go through, during her days. Their thought of living freely was something that they both together made a choice of and it’s completely personal. Today’s media and journalists should understand that there are certain limits and regulations while extracting and broadcasting information of celebrities and one should never cross that.

Meghan Markle

11. Anushka Sharma

Even if you are a fan of cricket or not you still must be aware of the way fans treat and joke about famous Indian Actress Anushka Sharma who also is the wife of the Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. Since the day they both have been married to each other fans don’t leave a chance to mock Anushka especially when India losses its matches against other teams. Since then until now this pattern of verbally abusing her goes on and to say it is pathetic would be an understatement.

Anushka Sharma Entrepreneur
Anushka Sharma/Instagram

12. Jiah Khan

Indian actress Jiah Khan’s death was ruled a su#cide by the authorities. A woman who was on the path of her acting success died just at the mere age of 25 sure was not because of suici#e, says Jiah Khan’s mother. But that is not something the media focuses on. They keep on bashing her by talking about the alleged relationships she had with old personalities like Mahesh Bhatt. Allegations of her being pregnant thus committing suic#de and all rubbish claims by people are still there. Is this how a woman who died should be treated?

Jiah Khan Death

13. Parveen Babi

Just like Jiah Indian actress Parveen Babi has always been linked to none other than Mahesh Bhatt. Whenever you’ll search her name on the internet it’ll always show how her nature and craze for Mahesh Bhatt affected him. But there are rarely any people who talk about how much she suffered, how much she went through, so much so that it led to her own death. She was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. Imagine how much her mental health was deteriorated by the people and the media that she lost her sanity and eventually departed.

Parveen Babi
Sunday Guardian Live

In this misogynist society, women have suffered a lot. Even if she is a famous personality or not the cruelty of patriarchy has always been inflicted upon them. It’s about time everyone should understand that “Peace in Patriarchy is a war against Women”- Maria Mies.