All of us secretly look for bands and artists, who’d keep us hooked. Discovering new songs and being obsessed with the same is an everyday thing. But do we ever think of the underrated artist and the bands? Do we even know their names? Do we know how beautiful their music actually is? If your answer is, “no” to most of the questions asked above. Stay tuned, this post is all about them!

Despite the growth in, Indian Music Industry, some bands really do not get the spotlight they deserve. Mostly because Indians prefer pop over any other genre. Worry not the list contains pop bands as well! Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

The list of some of the most underrated Indian Bands:

1. The Local Train

Undoubtedly one of the most underrated rock band in India has to be The Local Train. Though it did have numerous commercial successes, most of the people might hear their name for the first time. The song, “Choo Loon” has a super separate fan base. But, on a good note, having this band over, for music fests, is a staple in India.

Indian Band The Local Train 

2. When Chai Met Toast

For pop lovers, this band is an indie-pop band. The band originated back in 2014, but it was officially formed in 2016. The unique thing about this band is, they call their genre as, “happy” cause honestly that’s what people become when they listen to their songs. The entire music, scene, lyrics, just makes people happy. One of my favourites from this band is, “Beautiful World”. You’d miss out on a masterpiece if you don’t check it out, seriously.

Indian Music Band When Chai Met Toast

3. Sifar

This band was formed back in 2008. Surprisingly they were signed to Universal Music as well. But, sadly this is gonna be the first time, some people will know their name. Better late than never though. This band is an award-winning one from, Mumbai?Delhi. Also one of their fan favourites is, “Wajod”, oh and you wanna know my personal favourite? I know you’re curious, it’s “Armaan”.

Underrated Indian Bands Sifar

4. Naalayak

Completely opposite to what its name says in to be, Naalyak hits the list. The Chandigarh based band is an indie-rock band. Their live performances received immense hype! One of my most favourite song from this band has to be, “Sach Ka Dar” From the beats to the lyrics, everything is just perfect. I promise.

Indian Band Naalayak

5. Dream Note

This is an indie-pop-rock music band. It was formed by Gaurav Tiwari and Sachin Singh, back in 2014. According to their fans, which includes me as well. We love to call this band, “Our best kept secret”. This band is the absolute best when it comes to the music they produce. Honestly, I didn’t wanna reveal their name, cause they were my favourite secret. But, they honestly deserve the spotlight and I’m sure they will reach there soon enough.

Indian Rock Bands Dream Note

6. Easy Wanderlings

This band is an independent band from, Pune. Formed back in 2015, with eight members apparently. Their main genre is Soul, Pop and Folk.  Though they’re unseen by some of the Indian audience, they did perform at VH1 Supersonic 2018, which was headed by, Major Lazer, Marshmallow! Also, speaking of Marshmallow, wanna know a fun fact about EW? They hid their identities before releasing their first album. Also, if you haven’t, you must check out, “Dream To Keep Us Going” cause, duh, it’s my favourite. You’d love it, pinky promise.

Best Indian Band Easy Wanderlings

7. Swastik The Band

Yet another Chandigarh based rock-band that is influenced by the Indian Classical and Rock to create new landscapes. The band is weirdly underrated and it did undergo a split back in 2014. That still didn’t stop them to become a sensation among a little group of fans they have, count me in that too. Also, listening to, “Jogi” and ‘Andhere Sheher” would bless your eyes, did you know that?

Famous Indian Band Swastik The Band

8. Coshish

The band is a Mumbai based, Hindi rock band, which has been making music since 2006. Creating rock music is not everyone “cuppa tea”. But trust me on this, they do complete justice to the genre by their production. Their debut music was released via, Universal Music India and currently they are working on a box set.  “Bhula Do Unhe” would actually make you say, “Rehne Do” if people don’t like their songs. See what I did there? Hehe.

Popular Indian Band Coshish

Well, the list ends here, but it doesn’t mean all the other bands are super appreciated and they all have the spotlight. If you’re someone like me, I know, finding underrated bands and keeping them as your secret is your habit. But imagine the band you discovered as a baby, getting the hype they deserve. How beautiful would that be, right? Appreciate and share the underrated bands, let’s listen to some good songs together.