The “Copied” word sounds like someone cheated or fooled us. But maybe if we see it from another direction, it may look better.  Directors took inspiration from certain films and it turned out to be fan favorites. Most of the names are unknown and people are unaware of these. 

The list below contains the name of fan-favorites that was actually inspired from other films:

1. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S and Patch Adams

Shocked, right? So was I after getting to know this. Our favorite Munna Bhai and Circuit are heavily inspired by Robbin William’s Patch Adams.

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S is copied from Patch Adams

2. Zinda and Oldboy

Sanjay Dutt’s Zinda is inspired by the film, Oldboy. Though the main film had a lot of detailing and cinematographed in a much better way. Zinda was literally a bland and vague copy of the film. Meanwhile, the main film had some amazing thriller moments.

Movies that were copied from other films

3. Qayamat and The Rock

No this isn’t the rock from, “if you smell..” This is Nicholas Cage’s The Rock. Apparently, Qayamat is copied, but the cinematography is kinda identical. The visuals are a treat to the eye, and according to some fans, Ajay Devgn did not disappoint. Is that so?

Popular films that were copied

4. Taxi No. 9211 and Changing Lanes

A wealthy man, a mercurial taxi driver, and the decisions. The same is pretty much similar for both the films. Changing lanes is much better and well versed, the idea is very well described and understood by the viewers. Meanwhile, Taxi No. 9211 is very vague, it seems like they tried to juggle a lot of ideas in some films. Making the film a bit chaotic and pretty weird.

Famous films that were copied

5. Shaurya and A Few Good Men

Tom Cruise starred in the latter film. On the other hand, Shaurya dealt with a very heavy topic, is Islamophobia. Fans say it did justice to the original film since the plot was not fully copy-pasted. But did it really do justice? Questionable.

Famous movies that were copied

6. Partner and Hitch

Though the subplots did differ from each other. Both the films are hilarious, even if the storyline did not make sense, the films were too funny to watch. The plot was kind of similar to each other though.

Popular movies that were copied

7. Judwaa and Twin Dragon

Just like they literally copied the name of the film, the plot was copied too. The identical twin brother got separated, they met at one point in life, and kaboom! A film! Though the plot is not that entertaining, it was a pretty big hit during the ’90s.

Bollywood movies copied from Hollywood- Judwa

8. Salaam-e-Ishq and Love, Actually

The posters, plot, cinematography, everything was exactly the same. Though the subplot kind of differs to make it a little more, “not copied” but the film wasn’t nearly as good as, Love, Actually. A big thumbs down and boo to Bollywood.

Movies copied

9. Dostana and Now I pronounce you Chuck and Larry

Dostana had attractive cast members. They had some fan-favorites as well. But it wasn’t 1% of the comedy level of the original film. Also, the original film was much less cliched and cringe to watch. The dialogues were delivered in a much better way.

Dostana copied from

10. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar and Breaking Away

The themes are pretty different. Both the films have a separate fan base, or maybe the same, who knows?

Bollywood movies copied from Hollywood

 11. A Common Man and A Wednesday

Well for a change, Bollywood’s film was copied and not vice versa. Though it is a pretty rare situation. But, now you know how good the plot must be since it got copied by Hollywood!

A Wednesday copied from Hollywood movies

12. Sangam and Pearl Habor

Both the films are pretty good and based on drama. So if you’re someone who prefers that genre, I’d suggest watching both of them. Because personally, none of them are disappointed. The cinematography, music, dialogues everything was totally on point.

Hollywood movies copied in Bollywood

13. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale and Hachiko Monogatari

Since the story itself is based on real-life incidents. Both of the films did copy something from somewhere. It basically is a dog who dies while waiting for its owner who died due to unavoidable circumstances. Really heartbreaking. Give it a watch though.

Cult movies copied

14. Kimba the White Lion and The Lion King

Though we thought Lion King was an adaptation of Hamlet. Since the release of the Lion King, Japanese animators have been asking Disney to give them the credits. Since the Lion King has a strong resemblance with the Japanese film, Kimba.

Lion King copied from Kimba the White Lion

15. Paprika and Inception

Inception is actually inspired by the film, Paprika. The plot is solely based on a gadget that allows people to navigate their dreams. This is legit some Doraemon thing going on, I kid you not.

Inception copied from Paprika
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And with that, the list comes to an end. Though all of them are our favorites, getting to know that they were copied from others, kinda ruined our watching experience, right? Anyway, if you wanna watch some chilly horror, or motivational films, or something that’ll help you with your emotional release, you know where to check out! Don’t forget your popcorn if you’re rewatching your favorites though!