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The Kapil Sharma Show is one of India’s most renowned comedy programs as it has the ability to bring smiles to the faces of some of the most grieving individuals. The primary reason this program is adored by everyone is that it successfully uses the current trending topic and knows how to utilize it in comedy without causing controversy. The success of the show may also be attributed to his brilliant crew.

However, we often ignore how the show invites people from different professions and regions, whether or not they are related to the entertainment industry. Despite the fact that many individuals invited are not from the glitzy industry, the show has always made headlines for its stellar choice of guests.


While the show is all about laughter, the recent episode is all about emotions that might make you cry. And it is also because new guests were recently invited.

The show recently welcomed renowned motivational speakers Vivek Bindra, Khan Sir, and Gaurav Kaul Das. Despite the fact that all of the guests contributed to the episode, Khan Sir’s touching stories from his teaching career grabbed the most attention.

khan sir kapil sharma show

Khan Sir opened up about preferring low tuition costs

In a news commercial released by Sony, Khan Sir discusses his reasons for wanting to lower tuition costs in a new commercial. He said,

“UPSC is India’s toughest exam and we have reduced the fees from Rs.250k to Rs. 7.5k. Some of us may feel Rs.7.5k is a small amount, but there was one girl who requested me to shift the evening shift to morning. When asked why, she said that she has to wash utensils elsewhere in the evening.”

Khan sir also gave the example of a young man who used to collect and sell river sand to pay for his education.


Khan sir also revealed that after observing people’s sufferings, he swore and resolved that no one pursuing education should ever have to struggle financially

As soon as the trailer appeared on multiple channels, Khan sir’s followers commented in the comment box, dropping red heart emoticons, and saying, “Most awaited episode.” Others referred to Khan Sir as the “original” and “best.”

Earlier, Kapil Sharma had questioned Khan,

“Aapke followers mein Raveena Tandon bhi hain?”

While reacting to the fact, he blushed and agreed to this. Then Kapil remarked,

“Kitni muskurahat aayi Khan saab (Look at you blushing Khan saab).”

Khan sir, whose actual name is Faizal Khan, is the founder of Khan GS Research Center. He first started with a YouTube channel, but soon after his popularity grew, he also started taking physical classes. His fan base is small, but his subscription base has already surpassed 10 lakh followers.


Fans and admirers adore his distinctive teaching approach, which is laced with East Indian accents and colloquialisms. Through his videos and lessons produced by him, anyone may comprehend any topic very quickly because of his teaching methodology.

In addition to this, Khan Sir also creates videos on many national current topics, and his videos are currently seen by millions of people. In Patna and throughout Bihar, he enjoys considerable notoriety.


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