Some movies make us laugh, some make us cry, while some make us stay awake for the whole night. But there are some movies which gives us inspiration. When life throws challenges and the path is bumpy. The only step we have to take is to never give up. Just like that, these films would help you to be motivated. These would inspire you and show you the positive side of life.

Here’s the list of motivational Hollywood movies that will never let you give up:

1. It’s A Wonderful Life – 1946

The movie is solely based on relationships. It shows us the importance of having good bonds. George prays from angels to give him a good family. When he was born, he was surrounded by a beautiful and very lovable family. The plot is simple, yet it would not fail in bringing a huge smile to your face.

Top inspirational movies - It’s A Wonderful Life-1

2. Freedom Writers – 2007

Teenagers are often labeled as impulsive. Being a bad influence on someone’s life. But this film brings out how a teacher can inspire their students. This teacher asks their students to pay attention to what they wanna do. Books aren’t the most important thing, the journaling, picking out their own favorite careers is what matters the most.

inspirational movie list- Freedom Writers

3. Amelie – 2001

Modern-day Paris, the beautiful charm. Amelie, the protagonist, imagines the life of the people around her. By that, she makes her own imaginary world, with tales of inspiration from their lives. She knits around that tale and brings in a story of love, success and happiness.

inspiring movies - Amelie (1)

4. The World’s Fastest Indian – 2005

The story is of Burt Munro. And it mainly focuses on not giving up. It took him years to build the Indian Motorcycle. But he didn’t give up no matter what. By doing something big and establishing what he wants. It made him so happy and motivated. I’m sure you’ll like this.

motivational Hollywood movies- The World’s Fastest Indian

5. Forrest Gump – 1994

From being differently-abled to becoming the fastest runner. From getting to know the girl he loves, to marrying the same girl. Even though the girl broke his heart, as she died soon after their marriage. The tale simply brought tears to the viewer’s eyes. Bullied, made fun of, Forrest Gump never gave up. He stood up for what he felt was right. He was sure of what he was doing. The film loosely portrays life, love, joy, happiness. Making us feel incredibly grateful for what we have.

Best sad movies Forrest Gump

6. The Green Mile – 1999

Paul already walked the mile with many felons, he was convinced of John Coffey’s innocence. The plot is based on choosing the right plot. It shows the importance of doing the right duty. Immaculate, love, friendship, and the little things in life.

motivational movies - The Green Mile

7. The Pursuit of Happyness – 2006

If movies based on family life are something you like, this film is a must for you. Chris, a dad who is very invested in giving his son a good future and a life, altogether. Being evicted from home, the duo faces a lot of challenges. Portraying the team spirit of a father and son duo. Making most of the viewers tears up.

inspirational movies IMDB- The Pursuit of Happyness

8. The Shawshank Redemption – 1994

The story of Any and his 19-year term in prison. It reflects a strong tale of friendship and team bond. The story ends with not only Andy’s escape. But also his friend, Red’s redemption. This story is very inspiring and hopeful.

Top IMDB sad movie The Shawshank Redemption

9. Rocky – 1976

Jakie Chan is the starring character here, named Rocky. The story focuses on his struggle, hard work, determination. Also, shows how he reaches his dream moments. Who would want to give up anyway after watching this?

best motivational movies - Rocky

10. 127 Hours – 2010

Imagine having the decision to choose between death and amputating your hand. The movie shows Aron, a trekker journey through this decision. While he was trapped while trekking. And he only has 127 hours to save his life, alone.

Real life inspirational movies- 127 Hours

11. Into The Wild – 2007

Oh to choose an alternative path in this world of career-oriented future. This movie is completely based on doing what you want. Money isn’t everything, but your happiness apparently is everything.

Life Changing Hollywood Movies- Into The Wild

12. Schindler’s List – 1993

This plot is based on the time of the genocide. It tells the tale of a  true hero. Oskar made arrangements to keep his Jewish workers protected to ensure his factory is still in operation. Not only did he provide people with work by this, but also saved many innocent lives. The conclusion of the story will surely leave you in tears.

inspirational movies Hollywood- Schindler's List

13. A Beautiful Mind – 2001

The story of a mathematical genius on a harrowing path of self-discovery. This film captures different human emotions beautifully. The film is a cinematographed version of a book by Sylvia Nasar. Which is solely based on success, heartbreak for the humankind.

Top inspirational movies- A Beautiful Mind

14. Life Of Pi – 2012

I don’t know about you, but being stuck with a hyena, orangutan, and tiger sounds like a plan to me. Obviously, if they are friendly and not ferocious. The movie shows humanity, kindness, and most importantly, a relationship with nature. Not only is the movie very inspiring and entertaining, but also the visuals are surely a treat to the eye.

movies that will change your life- Life Of Pi

15. The Pianist – 2002

Just like the title the movie shows the importance of one single character. The music produced by the pianist turned out to play a huge role. It inspired many making this film a super successful one.

Most inspirational movies- The Pianist

16. Rush – 2013

Car racing and competition are not only competitive. But this movie shows the importance of helping each other during the situation. To not to, ‘Rush’ when someone is in need.

inspirational English movies- Rush

17. Life Is Beautiful – 1997

The plot is kinda similar to Wonderful Life. But as the title suggests, the film shows the same thing. The good thing of life and how to be happy without any hurdles. To provide your loved ones a good life as well.

inspirational movies on Netflix- Life Is Beautiful

18. 12 Angry Men – 1957

Remember the poem, Cold Within? The plot matches the poem, except for the fact that they all die at the end. The movie is shot in one room and portrays all the human emotions.

inspirational Hollywood movies- 12 Angry Men

19. The Greatest Game Ever Played – 2005

Francis went on to pursue his passion despite strong disapproval from his father’s side. He still participated in games and found that his opponent is his childhood idol. The movie is based on success, chasing dreams, and approval. BRB, gonna listen to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol now.

Top inspirational movies- The Greatest Game Ever Played

20. The Blind Side – 2009

Family is not only a blood relationship. Family is also love, ties, connection. The character brings back a black teen to his home. None of them knew how vastly their life would change for the good after this recent change.

Best inspirational movies- The Blind Side

These movies helped me get rid of negative thoughts, to focus on the good side of life. As Gina Lineti said, “Life is a bitch, success is arbitrary and confidence is everything!”. The films helped me to stay motivated throughout. I’m sure it’d help you as well. Grab some popcorn and settle down. Also, if you wanna watch some chilly horror films or emotional films, you know what to check out!