Personalities Who Studied In Hindi Medium School

There is a general orthodoxy in the field of linguistics that out of every language out there English is the one with the highest caliber. It is a widespread stereotype that if you don’t know how to read or write in English then you probably won’t be that successful, ever, in your life. The prejudices that are held against other languages be it Hindi or any other regional language are nothing but sheer disgrace and insult of such languages.

What is important for all of us to keep in mind is that it is not important or mandatory to be well versed in speaking or writing English to be able to have a successful and at the same time an impactful life.


Today we will be checking out a few of the very renowned and successful people who are flag bearers of releasing all the standardizations and inequity held against students studying in Hindi medium schools, saying that they cannot be as successful as the ones studying in English medium schools.

1. Anupam Kher

One of the famous 80s and 90s Bollywood actors Anupam Kher was born in Shimla in the year 1955. He is one of those famous personalities who did his schooling at a Hindi medium school. DAV Shimla today sure is changed to CBSE English medium but during his time it used to teach every student in Hindi.

Anupam Kher who was also the former Chairman of Film and Television Institute of India for sure is a prime example to showcase that one does not needs to study in an English medium school to be able to reach such heights.

11 Famous Personalities who studied in Hindi Medium School

2. Dalip Singh Rana

Dalip Singh Rana better known as The Great Khali is an Indian-born former American professional wrestler who promotes wrestling and is also an actor. He made his wrestling debut in 2000 and before embarking on his marvelous journey of wrestling in America he was a Police officer in Punjab.


He who only studied till 2nd standard in a Hindu and Punjabi medium School was often mocked because he was not well versed with speaking English. Especially, during his time in America when he was a part of WWE. But it still did not let him give up. He is one of the most inspiring and impactful famous personalities for not just those who seek to be great wrestlers like him but everyone else as well.

Dalip Singh Rana, Khali

3. Prathamesh Hirve

25-year-old man Prathamesh Hirve who now is a part of ISRO, his journey sure was not an easy one. Studied in a Marathi Medium Hirve found himself in a position where his career counselors used to suggest him to not go for Engineering but to study Arts. This used to dishearten him a lot but he still did not give up his dream.

He continued with his dream of studying Science and even interned at big companies like L&T Constructions and now after quite a bit of struggle, he finally is working at a place which is well deserved for him to work at.

Prathamesh Hirve

4. Vijay Shekhar Sharma

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Paytm, Vijay Shekhar Sharma is one such established personality who was recognized by Forbes in 2017 as India’s youngest billionaire with a net worth of 230 crores USD (2021).


How shocking would it be to say that this guy did his schooling from a Hindu medium school in Harduaganj, a small town near Aligarh? Very, right. But as shocking as it may sound it is absolutely true and something really mindboggling.

Vijay Shekhar Sharma

5. Noorul Hassan

From studying in a Hindi medium school to being the youngest IPS officer at the mere age of 22, Noorul Hassan is one inspiring and influential folk. He who did not have the privilege to study English like every other folk during his time only got access to study in a government Hindi medium school.

He eventually did start learning basic English when he reached the 6th standard but studying in a Hindu medium school throughout never discouraged him or made him feel any less. No wonder how he became the youngest candidate to crack one of the most prestigious examinations of our nation, UPSC.

Noorul Hassan

6. Hima Das

An Indian sprinter from the state of Assam, Hima Das is the first-ever Indian woman athlete who represented India at IAAF World U20 Championship and even won a gold medal for that and this is not it, she also holds a record of completing a 400-meter race is just about 50.79 seconds.

This beautiful talented woman did her schooling at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyala which is a Hindi medium school and despite the fact that she may not be as excellent in English as every other athlete she still makes her country proud with everything that she does.


Hima Das

7. Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is one of the brilliantly skilled actors in today’s Bollywood industry. With an unmatchable acting talent, one may wonder about his schooling and his journey. He who studied in a Hindi medium school in his birthplace named Bhudana in Muzaffarnagar U.P. has confidently spoken about the fact that he does not speak English at all and never really has done so.

He says despite the fact that I don’t speak much in English I still never feel diffident if my dialogues demand me to speak in English.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

8. Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh Plaha an acclaimed bowler made a place in the cricket world at a fairly young age. Being an international sportsperson it is believed that you should be experienced and adroit in your English speaking skills.

But despite every preconceived notion Bhajji did not feel the need to focus much on his English speaking skills but to focus more on what he really is there to do, that is to make his country proud by his amazing bowling.


9. Manoj Bajpayee

A famous Indian personality named Rajpal Yadav is best known for his great works in Hindi cinema along with Telugu and Tamil movies. Born and brought up in Narkatiaganj town of Champaran district of Bihar this versatile actor has done his education from a slum area school. For his plus two education he went to Maharani Janaki College another Hindu medium school in the district of Bihar.


He had this passion for acting which eventually made him an alumna of the National School of drama. Manoj Bajpayee is one of the finest examples of how if there is dedication and passion one can do whatever they aspire and wish for despite any linguistic approach they took on.

Manoj Bajpayee

10. Sushmita Sen

1994 Miss Universe winner and our very own Indian Diva Queen Sushmita Sen is not just inspiring because she won this grand title when she was merely 18 years old but also because of the fact that how she once spoke about not knowing how to speak fluent English when she was in 9th standard.

She who studied in Hindi medium school for a really long time before eventually switching to English medium has conquered the universe and sure loved to study in our native language.

Sushmita Sen

11. Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi, our very own mafia boss of the series named Mirzapur sure is an in-real-life boss when it comes to the command that he has on Hindi as a language. He is another versatile actor who is so well versed in Hindi speaking skills that it is an honor to listen and watch him doing his work marvelously.

He who studied in a Hindi medium school named D.P.H. School, Gopalganj debuted first in the year 2004 with a minor role and now he is a superstar.


Pankaj Tripathi

Such actors are great leading figures who teach all of us that one should never feel degraded because of their linguistic approach in life and in studies. English sure is important to learn but it is not a language that could make or break your future. It is you who can.